Chicken Up – Lunch

I may not be following Korean trends and I may not like Korean food but I won’t be biased against Korean fried chicken because fried chicken always tastes good. This particular shop is very popular and be prepared to queue if you want to have a meal there. However, there’s a second outlet in Tampines (I know, not a very cool place, but good news to those who live there) and the waiting time is significantly less than in town but with the same quality of food.

I was under the impression that Chicken Up was like friend chicken fast food (like 4fingers), seeing the kind of crowd it attracts (students) but was surprised to know it’s actually a normal casual restaurant, with some service and other items on the menu that’s not fried chicken.

Garlic Soy chicken wings – $12.00++

Yangnyum Chicken wings – $12.00++

Ok, this is quite worth the hype. The soy flavour one was really addictive and the chicken was crispy enough. However, the flavours didn’t go all the way into the meat but that’s ok, because when eating fried chicken you only care about the skin. Seriously if you are those who do not eat the skin of fried chicken then I don’t know what you are doing here. I would definitely have this again!

This one looks much more photogenic and promising but I find this disappointing. This is basically sweet and sour pork in the shape of fried chicken wing. I did not like this at all.

Each piece of wing is quite big and for $3 I find the price to be inexpensive. Fast food like Arnold’s chicken sells each piece at $2.80, so the price is on par. You get 10% off simply by posting online with their hashtag. However, I wouldn’t try the other items on the menu.


Ambiance: 6.5/10
Food: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: The soy flavour was one of the best Korean fried chickens I’ve tried


Century Square
2 Tampines Central 5
Singapore 529509
Tel: 65880308


11:30am-11pm (last order at 10:30pm)


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