Tandoori Corner – Lunch

After my good experience at Tandoori Corner, I made a revisit not long after the first time. This time I had items from the a la carte menu instead of the set lunch specials. For DBS cards there will be 10% off a la carte items for both lunch and dinner on top of the already inexpensive prices.

Vegetable Samosa – $5.90++

Crispy patty filled with spiced potatoes and peas, served with tamarind sauce

The only sort of samosa I’m familiar with are those small triangular ones from Malay stalls filled with potatoes. This one was not quite similar, so I had to adjust my expectations a bit. The pastry was more like curry puff than just a thin layer (like popiah skin).

Butter Chicken – $11.90++

Tender tandoori chicken tikka cooked in a traditional creamy tomato sauce with butter

Butter chicken is probably one of the more famous Indian dishes (to me, at least) and everyone should sort of know what it is. I like how chicken in Indian food is always so well flavoured and tender from all the spices and marinating. I would not mind having this again!

Punjabi Dhal – $8.90++

A special mix of chana and moong dhal cooked with an onion and tomato tadka

I think this is the same dhal that was provided as part of the set lunch special the previous time I came here.

Garlic Naan – $3.90++

Bread rubbed with fresh garlic and baked in tandoor

I love naan. Garlic naan is like having garlic bread vs plain baguette. I think this went well with the butter chicken gravy.

Onion Rice – $4.90++

Aromatic Basmati rice cooked with fresh onions

I love basmati rice. This went better with the dhal!

For my previous review about this place: https://hungryinsingapore.wordpress.com/2014/12/22/tandoori-corner-lunch/


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