Tian Fu Tea Room (Kitchener Road) – Tea

I’m back at Tian Fu Tea Room for the afternoon tea but this time I went to Parkroyal on Kitchener Road’s outlet. Comparing to UOB Plaza and Beach Road, this outlet has poorer ambiance due to the lack of natural light and the service was on the poor side. However, I shall focus on the food quality here, which is on par with the other 2 outlets. The Reunion High Tea set is only available during the Chinese New Year period and cost $32.00++ per person, which I feel is a steal.

三文鱼生捞起 Prosperity Salmon Yusheng with Crispy Fish Skin

There were only 2 of us but we were still giving this portion of Yusheng to lou hei! This tradition originates from Singapore which makes Chinese New Year in Singapore different from all other Chinese places in the world. While adding the ingredients to the plate (each of them representing something auspicious) you will say an auspicious idiom (for this meal, the server helped us with it) and you need to throw it as high as possible when mixing it up.

To make it simple to understand this symbolises good luck so people just do it even if they don’t eat it.

The portion was very generous and so was the fish. I’d like to highlight how proper salmon was provided here. Other Yushengs I’ve seen during CNY comes with very fake looking salmon – probably with colouring added.

Before going huat ah! This is the best Yusheng I’ve had, ever! Usually they all taste pretty much the same but this one was just different somewhere. I can’t tel because everything is all mixed up – and I am unfamiliar with the individual components too, so I really don’t know why. But I guess good quality ingredients makes a difference.

碧潭飘雪 Bi Tan Piao Xue (Flower Tea)

I think this is my first time having this kind of chinese tea. It’s green tea with some flowers. Quite refreshing.

燕窝灌汤饺 Bird’s Nest Dumpling in Superior Broth

The dumpling was so nice! So was the broth.

黄金煎烧饼 Pan-fried Pancake with Chicken Floss

发财蒸烧卖 Steamed Siew Mai with Black Moss

兴旺萝卜糕 Pan-fried Carrot Cake with Waxed Meat and Peanuts

红宝石虾饺 Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Crab Roe

鲍鱼担担面 Sichuan Dan Dan Noodle with Abalone

Abalone is said to be auspicious because it looks like olden day ingots. A must to eat during the Chinese New Year period.

云南滇红 Yunnan Dian Hong (Red Tea)

I think this is my first time having this tea too and I preferred it to the other tea today because I felt like having something stronger in taste.

皇沙酥豆浆年糕 Pan-fried Soy Milk New Year Cake with Soya Bean Crisps

These ingot shaped nian gaos are so cute. It’s auspicious to have nian gao during Chinese New Year too.

红梅杏汁糕 Chilled Almond Cake with Strawberry Sauce


枸杞甜豆花 Homemade Fine Bean Curd with Wolfberry

Ending the meal with their signature bean curd.


Ambiance: 7.5/10
Food: 8.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Overall: The ambiance was lacking here but the food was good making the high tea session enjoyable overall.


PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road
181 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208533
Tel: 6428 3170


High Tea: 2:30pm – 5:30pm


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