Portico – Dinner

I last had a meal here during Restaurant week October 2014 and I liked the location and the food. This time I’m back for a la carte dinner.

Truffle Scented Wild Mushroom Veloute and Toasted Buckwheat – $13.00++

Not bad, but the truffle ends at the scent. It was like regular mushroom soup overall which is good enough but probably not very unique.

Chilled Kombu Soba Noodles, Black Winter Truffle Oil and Crispy Brown Shrimp – $18.00++

This one was more unique. The truffle scent stood out and there was taste too. I liked how springy the soba was. However, the crispy shrimp could have been better if it was sakura ebi perhaps? Overall I do like this as an appetiser.

Truffle Fries – $15.00++

I didn’t realise that I was overloading on the truffle flavour tonight, but nobody would say no to truffle fries. This portion looks relatively small but somehow the supply was never ending. The flavour was well tossed in and it’s good.

Pan-seared Pulau Ubin Seabass Fillet, Roasted New Potato, Garden Herbed Beurre Blanc Sauce – $26.00++

Even though we have been sharing the dishes among 2 people, I was already quite full at this point. Usually I don’t have high hopes for fish dishes but this one was actually memorable. The crispy skin made a difference. I also liked the sauce and side items.

Tarte au citron, onion ice cream – $16.00++

It was tough to choose just one dessert but as mentioned we were all pretty full so we could only take 1. Every item on the menu sounded good but we decided to go as exotic as possible thus choosing this with onion ice cream. I was delighted to see the dessert plated this way because the description sounded simple. I tried the onion ice cream alone and it really tasted like pungent onion. Very much savoury and not the sort that anyone would order on it’s own. However when taken in combination with the sour citron custard and crispy tart shell it was actually good! Fried shallots also added to the texture.

Overall the meal was pretty good with well executed dishes with some creativity and beautiful plating. It’s a good place for a more casual and rather inexpensive meal.

Check out my previous review here: https://hungryinsingapore.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/portico-dinner/ 


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