Sushi Jin – Dinner

Ever since I started travelling to Japan often I kind of gave up on Japanese food in Singapore, because none of it can match up to the true Japan standard and value, not even the highly acclaimed Shinji by Kanesaka. As a result, I kind of stopped checking for new establishments like I used to do often in the past and it was only recently that I realised how many new premium sushi or Japanese restaurants there is in Singapore over the past 2 years. Most of them are rather hidden in off prime locations and did not do much to publicize. Still, so called Japanese food lovers will hunt them down.

Sushi Jin is one such restaurant, located at Farrer Park. Little India is the last place in Singapore you’d think of to have premium Japanese food but somehow it happened. The location was part of a new hotel built above Farrer Park Station.

I did not make any reservations but I reached at 6:30pm and by chance they had availability for 2. Other diners were not so lucky as I witnessed many people being turned down when they arrived later on.

The menu was quite simple. They have the Omakase dinner at $130 as well as a la carte items. As I was not seated at the counter, there’s no point having Omakase. I opted for some a la carte items instead.

Sashimi Platter (for 2) – $80.00++

This is a premium price to pay for sashimi and frankly, other than the ama ebi and chutoro the other items can be found at above average mass market Japanese chains like Kotobuki. Value aside, the quality was no doubt good and I did enjoy these sashimi.

Mini Wagyu Don – $45.00++

Japanese wagyu with onsen egg over rice

Ever since I had wagyu in Japan like Takayama’s Hida Beef (even roadside skewers of beef tastes so good), I don’t really swoon over wagyu anymore. This one was good. Perfectly done, but it’s just wagyu. If I ever feel like having wagyu don I would come here.

Tamago Kani Yaki – $15.00++

golden paper egg, crab meat, seaweed, ginger & citrus gel

Decided to try something less typical for a change. Not bad!

Ebi no Mentaiko Yaki – $26.00++

sea prawn, spicy cod roe & Japanese aioli

Was in the mood for prawns. This was one huge prawn. And the mentaiko sauce was perfect with it, without bearing too much mayonaise taste (I’m not a fan). I made sure I finished every single bit of it. On the other hand, that mushroom was somehow really special in texture. No idea what they did to it.


Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 9/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: Food is fantastic but a bit overpriced for dinner, especially since this is Little India. Will come for lunch next time.


1 Farrer Park Station Road
Owen Link #01-11/12
Singapore 217562

Tel: 64433378


Monday – Saturday:

Lunch: 12pm – 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:30pm

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