Fratini la Trattoria – Lunch

I do love Sundays but I hate how most restaurants are either closed or they only offer Brunch menu for the day. I am no fan of Brunch and I much prefer restaurants to have normal lunch on weekends too. I almost gave up finding a good restaurant for lunch on Sunday and wanted to settle for Chinese food (typically Chinese restuarants opens everyday) but I found Fratini while surfing instagram. The location at Greenwood (Hillcrest, Bukit Timah) is not one which I would usually agree to go to (the last time here was 10 years ago, no kidding, for gelato), but since the food and concept piqued my interest I guess it was worth the taxi fare. Afterall, there’s no ERP, CBD charge and surcharges on Sundays.

At this restaurant, they have no menu. Everything is up to the chef to decide, pretty much like Japanese Omakase meals. The chef is called Gabriel and basically everything depends on him here. It’s a small and homely establishment. For lunch, you get 5-7 appetisers, pasta and dessert for $45.00++. This is a reasonable price in my opinion.

Do note that they REALLY only serve the chef’s daily creation everyday and it’s fixed. You can’t request so do not come in asking for carbonara or aglio olio because they run their business that way.

Cold appetisers were presented first – scallop on pumpkin, cod with mushroom, salmon and potatoes.

They were all really good and my favourite has to be the cod with mushroom. I don’t know what sauce they have there but it’s so good! This is not exactly cold by the way, the cod and mushroom as warm in fact, but there’s lettuce so it’s a salad somehow.

Warm appetizers were served one by one. Here’s the seabass.

Potato ball with scamorza center

My favorite has to be the lamb. Somehow I’ve been wanting to eat lamb more and more these days! It was perfectly done and you know how easy it is to make lamb taste bad.

The home made stuffed pasta with spinach looks normal but the taste was superior to most other stuffed pastas I’ve had. The pasta itself was already good.

Mango panna cotta and tiramisu was served for dessert. The tiramisu was served on tablespoons and I could easily have it in one mouth.

The tiramisu was so good that my companion requested for extra which they gladly served. Ordered some tea because you can’t have dessert in the afternoon without tea, at least to me. Tea is charged additional, by the way.

This meal was very filling and satisfying. Definitely worth the trip to down to this location and I would come back again when the occasion calls for it!


Ambiance: 7/10
Food: 8.5/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: One of the best Italian meals in Singapore so far


10 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore 289201


Tel: 6468 2868


Tues – Sun:

Lunch: 12pm – 2:30pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10:30pm

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