Latteria Mozzerella Bar – Lunch

My experiences at Latteria have been good enough to make me think of returning one day. I finally did so today for a simple lunch.

For lunch, items on the lunch menu costs $15.00++ each (what a steal!) and if you choose 2 courses which means a soup or salad (which otherwise is $15.00++ too) and a main course, it’s $25.00++.

I decided to get 2 courses and processed to order the salad and my main.

Chef’s Salad with Grilled Vegetables & Parmigiano

Now looking at the name – chef’s salad, I was honestly expecting some salad just sufficient enough to be patronising and fulfilling the quota of greens of a meal but this exceeded my expectations! I certainly did not expect it to look so good, with my favourite rocket leaves and 3 cheese balls too.

If you refer to the name of this restaurant it is silly to not have cheese while dining here. I’m glad to have these and the cheese oozed out while opened. I was unprepared for the texture initially and the cheese actually spurted out. This salad alone was quite filling actually, but luckily I was really hungry so I could enjoy my main course too. I always finish my food.

Beef Sirloin Tagliata with Porcini

I did not expect the portion to be so big for my $25.00++ set lunch! The beef was cooked to a nice medium rare too which tender enough to eat without hurting my molars. Again I was happy to see my favourite rocket leaves. For the incredibly low price, this quality and portion certainly exceeded my expectations even though disregarding the price factor it’s not the best tagliata beef I’ve tried in Italian restaurants.

Linguine Vongole & Porcini – $28.00++

The full a la carte menu items are available too if the lunch menu doesn’t have anything you fancy, but I would recommend getting the lunch specials becaue the deal is unbelievable.


I’m so glad that the standard of this restaurant has remained over the years and I do look forward to having their lamb shanks again someday!


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