Kilo at PACT – Lunch

I’ve been frequently Orchard Central very often (think few times a week) because of my yoga studio there but I’ve never really explored the mall. It’s the same logic as why you would not explore your neig hbourhood – because it can be done anytime and doesn’t have to be now. Anytime never comes.

I have never explored level 2 and I didn’t know that this multi concept space, PACT, exists there. They have beauty services, fashion retail and others. What interests me most of course, is the restaurant called Kilo. When I first read about the menu it attracted me because it’s unlike what most other F&B at Orchard Central serves (which is mass market, chain restaurants etc). The menu actually has healthier options which isn’t vegetarian or vegan. And it’s not like those raw food places which serves unappetising food options – non healthy eaters can actually enjoy the food too. What’s even better is that the food is non-pretentious! There’s no all-day dining thing like waffles or typical hipster café food here. This is important because I do not like cafés at all.

Another bonus is the ambiance of the restaurant. I’ve got a thing for high ceilings and full length windows. The window seat is perfect for solo diners like me.

For lunch on weekdays, they offer a $20.00++ set menu which includes the main item of (bowl, sushiro or salad), a drink and dessert. The main item would otherwise be $18.00++.

Earl Grey Tea

This is actually my second time here within a week.

Beef Short Ribs Bowl

With sweet corn, radishes, sugar peas, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, avocado, shimeji mushrooms & wasabi sprouts and your choice of sushi rice, brown rice or quinoa.

Quinoa is the obvious choice for me. I love quinoa! Not many places offers quinoa so I am excited that they have it here.

The beef short ribs were tender and the portion was substantial to make this quite a filling meal, even without the drink or dessert.

Penguin’s Lemon Tart & Fresh Cream

I’m not really a lemon tart sort of person so I thought this was ok. There’s another choice for dessert which I’ll get next time.

This place is going to be a place which I’ll frequently visit. The food is healthy yet tasty and the space is so relaxing to be at. The prices are reasonable too!


Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: Perfect place to settle a meal after yoga.


181 Orchard Road
#02 -14-23
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: 68847560


Tues – Sat: 11:30–22:00
Sun: 11:00–18:00

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