Sushi Mitsuya – Lunch

I first tried this place when it just started out a few years ago and I remembered the food being unique and of good quality. By unique I mean they dare to be different and would serve seafood/ fish which are rather uncommon compared to the usual suspects in the Singapore Japanese dining scene. Majority will disagree but I like my Japanese food to be different and unpredictable. Yes, the usual stuff may taste good but unusual can taste better. In fact, I think I kind of got sick of predictable sashimi, like the Kaisen Don from Teppei Syokudo – which is good but by the 3rd time having it I found it difficult to finish. I never expected myself to get sick of Japanese food ever but somehow it happened. Thankfully, there are places serving more unique options so I don’t have to wait till I get to visit Japan again (which I would REALLY recommend. All 4 trips to this country has revolutionized my tastebuds).

So anyway, I came here around 12:30pm on a weekday for lunch and the whole restaurant was empty and I got to enjoy personalized and quick service, sitting right in front of the chef. The head chef was absent but the chef on duty was competent as well, as proven throughout the meal. I picked the Bara Chirashi Set ($50.00++) while my companion took the Ichie Sushi Set ($60.00++). There are only 2 other options on the menu which is of higher tier.

Appetizer of burdock was served first.

Second appetizer of clam was served. This tasted good already and got me excited for the rest of the meal.

The chef promptly prepares the ingredients used for both our sets. I noticed that the variety of seafood used is the similar for both the Bara Chirashi and the Sushi Ichie. The cubed ones on the right was definitely mine. I suppose the choice of ingredients depends on availability and would change from time to time.

There was hotate, anago, ikura, akami maguro, mackerel, king prawn and thieir special spongy tamago which I really liked. I might have missed out one or two more ingredients.

Overall this combination was very unique! Some of the ingredients were cooked so it was lukewarm rather than cold. This is probably the best Bara Chirashi/ Kaisen Don/ Sashimi Don I’ve tried in Singapore. No part of it was boring. The ingredients used were really fresh too.

Hotate with black salt

For the sushi set, it consisted of 8 pieces nigiri sushi and one sushi roll. Chef prepares each piece a la minute like how it should be served anyway. As the restaurant was not crowded, the sushi was served promptly after the previous piece was eaten and it’s good we didn’t need to wait.

Clear soup with Prawn Tofu was included in both sets.

Dessert of red bean mocha and pi pa to finish the meal

I’m glad to say that the standard has not dropped a single bit and is still one of the best Japanese places I know of in Singapore (bonus points for uniqueness of course. I hate boring food)!

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