Osteria L’Operetta – Lunch

I’m picky when it comes to pizza and for a few years my favourite was the pizza from L’Opertta group. I used to visit Trattoria L’Operetta at Tanjong Katong often but my recent 2 visits proved that the standard dropped and it was no longer like how it used to be. On a public holiday after yoga, I was looking for food around Circular Road and this restaurant happened to be opened. I decided to try it and to my surprise, the standard was so much better than my last few visits to the Tanjong Katong one!

On top of that, for lunch a few flavours are going at $12nett and this includes my favourite Margherita. To me if a pizza is good, it’s good. Having lots of ingredients on top doesn’t make it better. Margherita is perfect. Do note that this place serves VPN pizzas so don’t expect any other style.

Margherita – $12.00 nett

This pizza should be about 12″. Now before anyone starts judging that this is too much for 1 person, think again. The pizza is so flat. If it was thicker and took up a smaller area instead of being wide and thin, you people perceive it as ‘too much’? Well I personally would finish everything myself without even feeling full so don’t bother sharing a single pizza unless you have many other dishes too. Anyway, this pizza is so good I came back a week after the first tine for lunch again and made sure I sat outdoors so I could have a nice photo.

Tiramisu – $6.00 nett

The tiramisu is usually $8.00++ but for lunch they have a special price. It’s not the best but will do because I just need something else to fill me up for lunch and tiramisu is always a good idea.


Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 8.5/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: My favourite pizza!


38 Circular Road
Singapore 049394
Tel: 64384792


Mon – Fri:

Lunch: 11:30–15:30

Dinner: 18:00–00:00


Dinner: 18:00–00:00


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