Lucha Loco – Dinner

Finally! I’ve been trying to have Mexican food for the longest time, since January perhaps and finally convinced/ forced people to come with me. To be precise, I’ve wanted to try this particular restaurant, or Super Loco (which serves about the same food). But this one at Duxton Hill has a much prettier ambiance which feels non-Singapore. In fact, 80% of the customers seem to be foreigners from my observation.

To dine here, I made it a point to come early. As early as they open would be best, because you would want to get a good seat outdoor and you must get a seat outdoor. The indoor seats are only better because it has aircon but otherwise the aesthetic is nowhere as pretty as the outdoor seating and you don’t get the same kind of feel. Besides, it is pretty dark indoors which makes it unfavourable to take pictures, which gets me to the next point of why coming early is better – I get the last of sunlight to take nice pictures of food! And of myself.

Totopos con Salsa Roja o Guacamole Los Dos – $12.00+

Fresh corn chips with roasted tomato salsa and guacamole

I am not an experienced Mexican food eater with my other encounters limited to unsatisfying Mexican fast food only and I may be shamelessly stereotyping but when having Mexican I expect to see corn chips and guacamole. And perhaps salsa too. But I prefer guacamole because that sounds more Mexican.

I ordered both ceviches because I love ceviche! I first had ceviche at Morsels and I really miss it ever since. This is basically raw fish or seafood marinated in lemon juice which “cooks” it, giving it the cooked colour. I didn’t really think that it would come with so many chips. If I had known I probably would not have ordered the chips with guacamole and salsa.

Ceviche de Mango – $21.00+

Mango & snapper ceviche

Ceviche de Camarones y Pulpo – $20.00+

Prawn & octopus ceviche

Among the two I preferred this one because of the octopus. Fish also gets kind of boring after a while.

Tostaditas de Res – $16.00+

New Zealand rib eye tostaditas with green tomatillo (serving of 4)

As mentioned, I’m rather new to Mexican food and there are probably a lot of dishes I’ve never tried before and Tostaditas is one of them. For my first time trying, my impression of this is very good! I will definitely want to try the other flavours next time.

Taco de Barbacoa – $11.00+

Braised lamb taco with grilled tomato, mint & red onion salsa

Taco de Chorizo Con Res – $11.00+

Chorizo & braised beef brisket taco, spring onion, herbs

The one thing I know without a doubt about Mexican food is tacos.

Baja Fish Taco – $11.00+

Crispy beer battered red snapper, mango salsa, mint & cabbage

I chose this one because I’ve heard good reviews. And to my surprise, IT’S REALLY SUPER GOOD! The fish was unbelievably crispy, better than all typical fish & chips’ batter. The sauces are on the spicy side and got overwhelming at one point but I love it spicy so that’s good.

Super tacos indeed!

The place looks really nice at night. Do make sure you get an outdoor seat at Lucha Loco to experience it like I did.


Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 8.5/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: Definitely my favourite Mexican place in Singapore!


15 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089598
Tel: 62263938


Tue – Thu: 5pm – 12am
Fri: 5pm – 1am
Sat: 6pm – 1am

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