The Naked Finn – Lunch

Earlier this year I tried the Naked Finn for dinner and I liked the place for the unique ambiance and good, unpretentious food. Within months they have shifted to a slightly bigger premises just minutes away from the old one. While I appreciate it’s bigger size (which means less chance of being turned down due to lack of vacancy) and air conditioning, the new restaurant doesn’t have that same rustic feel (which feels out of Singapore) the old one has. Nevertheless, it’s the food that matters. This time, I am here for lunch to try some items which are not available during dinner.

Wild-caught baby Indian squid – $8.00++

This is available as a side dish and I recommend getting it because it’s very well grilled. The flavours were simple but you don’t need a lot of flavours to mask the original taste of the squid anyway. This could be better than some of the main courses actually.

Lobster Roll – $35.00++

live American lobster (Homarus americanus) + straight cut fries
Unsalted butter, homemade mayonnaise and 90g of lobster meat

The price of this item has recently increased because of lobster demand. Still, it is significantly cheaper than most other restaurants serving lobster rolls. I haven’t been going around Singapore to try our lobster roll scene (because I highly doubt any can match those in USA) but this one is pretty good. Actually, I think I liked the sauces more than the flavour of the lobster itself, which I found to be quite bland. However, the meat was still in the category of lobster texture which I enjoy (meaning not too tough or soggy) even though I feel it isn’t the best. The bread was crispy on the outside and I finished everything even though I did not intend to initially. Overall this is better than the only other one I’ve tried in Singapore in terms of size and quality.

Hae mee tng – $25.00++

with wild-caught prawns + Berkshire (Kurobuta) pork belly

Now when you are having this, do have reasonable expectations. It is written all over the menu that sakura ebi plays a significant role in the broth so of course the broth is going to taste like it. Do not expect to have hawker center style prawn noodles because there’s no point of trying to serve what a hawker center offers at twice the price anyway. Personally I do like sakura ebi and the soup was very rich in this taste which I can accept and it is totally different from the usual prawn noodles. If your expectations are set right, this could be really good. If you are just seeking a competitor of hawker style prawn noodles, this may not be what you’re looking for.

Condiments are provided on the side. I recommend adding everything inside. The Iberico pork lard is also different from the usual.

Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) fillet + kang kong + chilled piquant vermicelli – $18.00++
Pan-fried with olive oil and finished with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil

This item turned out to be the best among the 3! The vermicelli is not the usual and highly addictive as reviewed earlier so it’s already half guaranteed to be a good dish. But to my pleasant surprise, the fish is equally outstanding! The crispiness was perfect. They do serve this fish during dinner too.

Sauces are provided on the side. If you need to have your kang kong spicy you can mix in the sambal balachan yourself.

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