OCF Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt – Dinner

This restaurant named after Sir Stamford Raffles’ first wife sure had an eye catching name. It’s located at the Arts House and serves a pre-theater menu everyday, since there are theatrical programmes going on all the time around this area. Even though I had no show to catch later that night, I benefited from this because I preferred to have my meal earlier anyway. For dinner between 6pm – 7:30pm, they offer 2 courses for $38.00++ or $48.00++ with dessert. For the first 2 courses, they offered 2 options.


Can’t go wrong with this. Soft and creamy, there’s nothing short of expectations.

Game terrine

This is the typical French kinda course but I would take the burrata if I could choose again.

Sea Bream

This was a very safe choice of main. Nothing wrong but nothing special about it.

Iberico Pork

Pork for main course at non Chinese restaurants rarely tastes good but since this is Iberico pork I wanted to try and it was SO GOOD! It is so different from regular pork. The meat and fat was softer than usual. I shall now start looking out for quality pork cuts.

Lemon tart with strawberry gelato

The dessert wasn’t super fanciful but the quality was good. I am no fan of lemon tart but this one was perfect for me and it paired well with strawberry.


Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 7.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: Quite an all rounded restaurant. Good ambiance, good food and good value.


The Arts House
1 Old Parliament Lane
Singapore 179429
Tel:  63339312
Mon – Fri:12 to 230pm
Mon – Sat: 6 to 1030pm

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