May May – Lunch

This is a relatively new restaurant which noticed while dining at another restaurant along the same stretch a few weeks ago. I checked the menu and it appealed to me because it serves somewhat healthy food and not hipster brunch food that majority of new establishments are serving.

The interior of this restaurant was also too pretty for me to not try it. It was simple (by simple, I do not mean cheap looking eg. IKEA furniture) with somewhat high ceilings and ample natural daylight with a partial glass ceiling and a wall covered with plants. It was nothing like those hipster cafes with broken furnitures. The chairs look like designer chairs and the marble looking table tops won me over. I love the interior of this restaurant.

The lunch menu looked like a mix between Momofuku Noodle Bar from New York (in NY, every noodle shop must serve kong ba pao or pork buns as they call it, and also since this place is quite experimental with their noodles like Momofuku is) and Kilo at Pact due to the quinoa bowls with Japanese ingredients. Initially, I wanted to get the quinoa bowls but after looking at pictures, I decided that they looked too much like what I usually make at home so I opted for noodles instead.

Quinoa is still not commonly offered in restaurants but I’m glad this place is a new addition to my very short list should I want to have quinoa dining out.


Warm Somen – $14.00++

Honestly this wasn’t a very good idea because the somen becomes like beehoon when served warm. The colour makes it look like mee siam too. The flavour of this was spicy and it reminds me a lot of Nissin Chilli Crab cup noodles (which was my FAVOURITE and kitchen cabinet staple for years.. before I quit cup noodles entirely). Overall it was nice to revisit my old favourite but I wouldn’t order this again.

Cold Somen – $15.00++

This one was much better. I know somen isn’t the best noodles to have when talking about texture and the beauty is really not about being springy but being cold helped it to being further soggy. Tobiko is always welcomes and what I liked more was the bits of prawn in there. The seaweed was also crispy.

Kong Ba Pau – $4.00++

This one was very good. I would have a bite of this even if I was already full, which actually happened. The pork was well flavoured and very tender. I think it stood out more than the noodles.

Pina Colada Donuts – $5.00++

With coconut in the description I had to order this. I was kind of shocked to see the size (obviously ordered too much). It was just normal (but really soft and fluffy) donut with coconut cream inside. Nothing too special actually but nice to try once.

Liu Sha Donuts – $5.00++

I love custard bun so I had to get this. The custard was of good texture like what I would want in my custard buns. In the form a donut, I wouldn’t think it was any more superior to normal custard buns but I guess it’s for the novelty.

Will I recommend this place? Yes, because the interior is too lovely and I like how they serve (quite) healthy food like quinoa bowls!


Ambiance: 8.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: Inexpensive food in an expensive looking restaurant. Worth trying.


65 Tras Street
Singapore 079004
Mon – Sat: 11:00–23:00

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