9 Coconut Ice Creams in Singapore

1/12/2016: Post updated with new additions!

I absolutely totally extremely love coconut. That is still an understatement. I will go the extra mile to hunt down coconut flavoured food! This has not always been the case however, because for the majority of my life I actually disliked coconut until a little more than a year ago when I got hooked on yoga and coconut came into my life. Yoga and coconut is always the perfect combo. It’s more perfect than fries and burger. I have no idea why. Don’t ask me. My interest extends to all things coconut and across all cuisines. It could be coconut water (I did a hunt on best coconut water too), coconut oil, coconut milk, desiccated coconut, and also coconut containing items like putu piring, kueh dardar, red ruby dessert just to name a few. The best, of course, is coconut ice cream because I cannot stop having ice cream even if I’m trying to go paleo.

Anyway, during my mid-year travel last year, I got to try coconut ice cream from US and Europe and it was so good. Too good. First thing I did when I came back (June 2014) was to hunt coconut ice cream in Singapore but somehow, I couldn’t really find any acclaimed ones. I went to random ice cream shops to taste their coconut flavours but they all simply couldn’t make it. Thankfully, good coconut/ coconut milk ice cream started to exist in Singapore just recently and I’m so happy its happening! My strong belief and determination to find good coconut ice cream probably manifested.

Anyway here are some of the good coconut ice creams I’ve tried abroad:

Philadelphia, USA

This gelato from Capogiro is the best I’ve ever tasted. This gelato brand is actually really famous and even highly rated on National Geographic.

Cannes, France

Coconut soft serve from a random stall in the middle of the beach. It was the best soft serve in my life.

Ventimiglia, Italy

I crossed the border from the French Riviera to Italy for fun and Italy really has good gelato.

Ok so here’s my picks for best coconut ice creams in Singapore! All these are different genres of ice cream so they aren’t really comparable but all pretty good.

1. Liquid nitrogen ice cream

The coconut milk taste is really good. However, the person who prepared the ice cream for me probably wasn’t skilled enough and the texture wasn’t the best it could be. Liquid nitrogen ice cream can go wrong if it freezes too fast before churning enough. The liquid nitrogen method may be gimmicky to some but this produces really fresh ice cream and for coconut milk it is important to be served fresh because it can go bad easily.

11 Tanjong Katong Road
#01-K1 One KM
Singapore 437157

2. Thai style coconut ice cream

Those who have been to Bangkok are probably very familiar with this. I have never been there before and have only tried this in Singapore during the Hari Raya Pasar Malam last year, where I had 3 in a single night just because it’s my first coconut ice cream experience in Singapore and I wanted to try every stall. This permanent shop at *Scape, opened late last year, makes it permanently available which is more ideal than seasonal night markets. I like the idea of it being served in a coconut husk because it looks cute and I like the cup of coconut water provided. However, the ice cream itself from this shop wasn’t super fantastic with pretty weak flavour. Nevertheless, the whole package is still pretty good.

2 Orchard Link #02-18C
Singapore 237978

3. Creamy coconut ice cream

This one is just classic ice cream, without those gimmicky properties like low sugar/ low fat etc. The texture is so creamy and smooth, and also slightly sticky since this is ice cream (not gelato or sorbet). The ice cream quality at this half a year old ice cream parlour is really good and it is my new favourite ice cream shop in Singapore! The other flavours are pretty good too. I actually returned a few days later to have mint chip because I suddenly felt like it and it was so good.

420 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188727

4. Coconut gelato

This gelato shop is also new, starting only this year. Conveniently located near my yoga studio, I am happy to find good coconut gelato here! (Now moved to NTU!) Being gelato, it melts faster and the texture is not as sticky as their traditional ice cream counterparts. This also means it’s lighter and you can have more (but well, even for full cream ice cream I can also have more…). The only issue is that they change their flavours pretty often and they may not always have it. But that also means they prepare it fresh and do not keep it in storage and as mentioned coconut milk ice cream must always be fresh. Flavour wise, it is the best coconut gelato in Singapore for now!

NS3-01-16 (The North Spine) NTU
50 Nanyang Ave

5. Coconut sorbet

This one is actually topped with chendol and gula meleka as their take on the classic chendol. I prefer the above 4 types of coconut ice cream than sorbet actually, but this is still nice. I had it again when I visited in August 2016 and it tasted even better than before.

39 Malan Road
Singapore 109442

6. Coconut Soft Ice Cream

PicMonkey Collage


The hype for Korean soft serve (or what Japanese would call soft cream) has kind of mellowed down and Honey Creme (the shop which started the hype in Singapore) has launched several new flavours. That’s a good move, to stay competitive, and serving coconut flavour makes me really happy! They serve it in various combinations too so you can have it over and over again. They have so many coconut related toppings and you could add on as you wish. My favourite would be the coconut chips.

Honey Creme
#01-37 313@somerset, 313 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238895

7. Coconut Potong 


I thought I should include this because this should be uniquely Singaporean. I am familiar with ice cream Potong all my life but only recently I noticed the coconut flavour! There are several brands offering this like Kings or FairPrice house brand and it is the most convenient coconut ice cream to have at home being widely available everywhere and very affordable at around $0.60 a stick only when it goes on sale or $0.80 regularly.

Available at most supermarkets island wide and online at RedMart.

 8. Coconut Frozen Yogurt
Also known as Froco, this is the ONE I have been waiting for! They claim it’s made of entirely coconut, meaning no dairy, no sugar. It is too good to be true but I hope it is true because that will mean it’s so healthy yet delicious! A must try.
68 Orchard Road
#B2-49 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
9. Coconut Soft Ice Cream
Yes I know we have one contender above which serves soft serve (Honey Creme), but this one is different because this shop specialises in coconut! They sell coconut water and various drinks creation and ice cream is one other offering they have. They also have the hard scoop type ice cream too. I am not sure what goes into this, but the texture was towards the denser side (Honey Creme is lighter) and it is full of coconut flavour. Not bad I must say! And serving it on a frozen coconut husk makes it look cute AND keeps the ice cream from melting.
3 Pickering Street China Square Central #01-30 Nankin Row
Singapore 048896

5 thoughts on “9 Coconut Ice Creams in Singapore

  1. Hi Melissa,
    Coconut is love! It’s definitely one of my favourite treats to have, anytime!
    Another benefit of coconut (besides being tasty)- it’s good for the hair too. Once a week, I will treat myself to a hair spa session with coconut milk and honey mask for complete hair nourishment. Try it!

    • it’s a pity because that’s too far. I haven’t been to holland v in 5 years. do you know whether the SOTA one has coconut?

    • Hi! Yes in the past few months suddenly there are so many new coconut ice creams around. But that can only be a good thing because I love coconut ice cream! Let me know if you know of any good new places for that 🙂

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