Mex Out – Dinner

Life is truly unpredictable. 5 years ago I hated Chinese food to no end and now I have grown to be more receptive and interested in the cuisine. In 2015, I found myself developing an interest in lamb, pork (gourmet kinds like Iberico, Mangalica etc), North Indian and Mexican cuisine. Never in my life have I ever been interested in these and I can’t explain the sudden change.

Anyhow, new interests are always good because eating only a narrow spectrum of cuisines and types of meat is way too boring, especially in Singapore where choices are limited and meals will get repetitive if I was rigid. Moreover, I always like trying new places and new dishes so having a new interest can only be advantageous to me. New favourites will lead to new adventures!

My pursuit for Mexican food only just started and there are actually a few more lined up waiting to be tried and tested.

At Mex Out, the menu was kept minimalistic and it sort of resembles fast food type of Mexican you find overseas – choose your choice of base (burrito, taco, nachos or bowls), choose your meat, choose your salsa and choose any add ons. Make it a meal by adding $3.50. Only difference is that this isn’t a fast food chain and is more like a casual restaurant instead, with table service. Expect prices higher than fast food but lower than a full restaurant (around $10 – $15).

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Taco was the obvious choice for me so I had to decide between street style or baja style. I like how they have 2 variants to choose form because corn taco seems to be less common (from my encounters so far) than the flour version in Singapore. I was also told that I could choose different fillings and salsa for all 3 tacos so that’s real good news!

Tacos “Baja Style” – $9.90 for 2

Taco made with flour tortilla.

Tacos “Street Style” – $12.90 for 3

Corn tortilla has more flavour in my opinion. I had char-grilled chicken with mango pineapple, pork shoulder with salsa picante and flank steak (+$2) with salsa verde.

Added guacamole (+$2) too and the guacamole here was good! I actually found the char-grilled chicken to be most outstanding, followed by the pork shoulder that was braised in orange juice (you can actually see the orange juice flowing out). I would definitely skip the beef next time I’m here and have more of the chicken or pork. They slow cook their meat fillings here in order to achieve the flavourful outcome.

On hindsight I should have added $3.50 for small chips and a drink to complete the meal because a Mexican meal feels incomplete without seeing the tortilla chips.

I found the tacos here to be satisfying and good though not extraordinary. It did not blow me away like the Baja fish from Lucha Loco but be reasonable – this is $12.90 for 3 making it 3 while $12.90 can only get me 1 at Lucha Loco. In terms of value this one definitely wins and I do think I may come here often when I’m having yoga around the area!

Only downside – they close on both weekends.

Ambiance: 6.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Value 7.5/10
Overall: Great Mexican option for tacos around the area.
39 Pekin Street
Far East Square
Singapore 048769
Tel: 65369953


Mon – Fri:
11:30am – 10pm

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