Hombre Cantina – Lunch

I usually stay away from F&B establishments along Boat Quay. I was always under the impression that majority of them are tourist traps, similar to Cours Saleya in Nice, France. Of course, there are bound to be a few hidden gems among the traps and it could serve you really legit food but that only happens if you’re lucky/ well informed. Thankfully, I was informed of this particular Mexican bar/ restaurant serving really good quesadillas, so I had to try! I can’t believe it took me so long, considering that it’s only a few steps away from my yoga studio. This place opens on Saturdays too which is so important because I can never find decent food to have between or after yoga during weekends at Raffles Place.

I actually intended to have it on Friday night but was turned down because the place was fully booked, be it indoors or outdoors. I ended up at Mex Out instead (which wasn’t a bad alternative either). Anyway, I returned the next day, since I was having an afternoon full of yoga at Raffles Place. It was 2:45pm when I got here and surprisingly they were still open even though their kitchen hours, according to their website, say 12pm – 2pm. That can only be good news for me.

Their menu works similar to Mex Out – you choose your base, your fillings, your salsa and toppings. That’s all they have on their main menu! They also have a few sides like chips and corn perhaps but don’t expect full plated main courses like other full-fledged restaurant.

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Pork Quesadillas – $15.00+

I was told that it comes with a drink (soft drink or mineral water) so I picked a can of soda water. I added jalapeño (+$1) and guacamole (+$2) too.

I wasn’t expecting it to come with chips too! In a way, the price was similar to that of Mex Out’s. I got everything for under $20 and it was very filling – in fact, TOO filling since I was going to have yoga 1 hour after finishing my meal.

Quantity aside, the quesadillas were of top notch quality. The tortilla was nicely grilled to be slightly crispy yet soft to bite (not the tough kind which threatens my teeth). The pulled pork shoulder was very flavourful and juicy too. The quesadillas were perfect and I was so willing to be stuffed by it.

I also liked their chips, but wasn’t a fan of the guacamole – it tasted quite diluted to me, perhaps due to the addition of too much tomato for my liking. The salsa verde was alright, nothing special.

Between 5pm – 7pm daily, they have happy hour specials you wouldn’t want to miss. Tacos are going for only $3!! This is perfect for me. Just about a month ago, I was lamenting that I cannot find a place near Hom Yoga Raffles that sells tacos or Mexican food, because I wanted to have something small to eat before yoga at 7:30pm and there were none in the vicinity. This shop has been here all along and I can’t believe I discovered it only now. Best of all, they sell the tacos individually instead of the usual set meal (which I cannot commit to before yoga) if you make it for happy hour.

Taco – $3.00++

I made it in time for happy hour on Monday before my yoga at 7:30pm. I had the fried pacific dory with pineapple salsa. I really loved this taco! The tortilla was again nicely grilled and slightly charred – it is important to have good tortillas or else it’ll taste like a big mass of dough (aka wasted carbo) which is just gross. It was thin and soft enough for my liking and tasted fresh (I know it when I have unfresh tortilla – it’s that bad!). The fish was freshly crispy and the pineapple salsa was a perfect match. This is just slightly below Baja fish from Lucha Loco but the difference is small. Probably the best $3 spent in a long time.


Ambiance: 6.5/10
Food: 8.5/10
Value: 8.5/10
Overall: Super good value Mexican food for the superb quality.


53 Boat Quay
Singapore 049842
Tel: 64386708


Mon-Sat (Kitchen):
Lunch: 12pm – 2pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10pm
Happy Hour: 5pm – 7pm

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