Open Door Policy – Dinner

Time flies. I last dined here almost 3 years ago, July 2012 and I swear it doesn’t feel that long! I’ve been wanting to revisit but to do inaccessibility of this area (to me), it keeps being put on hold and that ended up to be a whole 3 years. If you want to eat something, plan it, or it’ll never happen. Anyway, I remembered the food being really good the first time I was here. The menu is totally different now but I’m glad to report that the standards have improved!

However, I am referring to the Full Menu, not Brunch Menu. Brunch food belongs to another category and is not indicative of the dinner/ lunch food’s standards. Go for brunch at your own risk.

Kale broth, crispy kale & smoked quail eggs  – $18.00++

Kale is becoming mainstream nowadays and that can only be a good thing because kale is so nutritious and delicious. This lovely green broth was a good way to start the meal! It’s almost like having green juice in a way, best consumed on an empty stomach for nutritional benefits.

Guacamole risotto, fresh chilli & poached hens egg – $20.00++

Yet another green dish. I can just tell you now that actually everything I had tonight turned out to be green. Anyway, I love guacamole so I obviously had to order this. As a starter, this is rather heavy since it’s risotto but I’m not complaining of course. I loved this dish and highly recommend it. It’s unique but the combination works. Even without the egg, the guacamole risotto itself tasted so good.

Plin ravioli of watercress and macadamia, feta cheese, pearl onion – $26.00++

This one is a vegetarian dish but it was so good. It doesn’t feel vegetarian at all. I loved the textures of nuts and cheese in every bite and the ravioli itself was cooked to perfect texture. It’s so flavourful.

Roast akaroa salmon, purple potato, blood orange jelly – $29.00++

This was the most unimpressive of all dishes tonight. It wasn’t bad, but I think I could cook better salmon. The purple potatoes were overkill and didn’t particularly taste good or match well too. The salmon was cooked well done and this made me quite disappointed because when I was here 3 years ago, they told me they cook their salmon to medium doneness by default. I suppose many diners are not used to having medium done salmon hence they probably scraped that default eventually. Anyway, I won’t order this again.

Chocolate pistachio soufflé with crème anglaise – $18.00++

It looks brown but if you see closely, it’s entirely green inside due to pistachio. How pretty! The taste was very rich with pistachio flavour and the texture was one of the best for soufflés I’ve ever had.

Save for the salmon, I really liked all the dishes tonight. This is one of the few restaurants in Singapore where I genuinely love the food and I’m already looking forward to my next meal here.


Ambience: 7/10
Food: 8/10 
Value: 7/10
Overall: A good place for unique and unpretentious creations.


19 Yong Siak Street
Singapore 168650
Tel: 6221 9307


Lunch: 12 to 3:30pm
(last order 3pm)
Dinner: 6pm to 11pm
(last order 10:30pm)
Brunch: 11am to 4pm
(last order 3:30pm, Saturday
and Sunday only)
Closed on Tuesdays



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