Jaan – Lunch

I’ve been waiting to try Jaan for many years! It all started when Chef Andre was still helming the kitchen. Then he left, so I dropped the idea. Fast forward a few years, the restaurant has improved from and has been ranked as one of the top restaurants in Singapore and 74th in the world for 2015’s World’s Best restaurant list. For Asia’s list, it was ranked 11th this year and it has been climbing up every single year since it got into to the list.

In fact, Jaan is the restaurant I wanted to try the most aside from Restaurant Andre, which has been recently struck off my list. I knew I was going to try it one day but never felt the urgency/ a good reason to slot it into my schedule until I got hold of the news that Chef Julien Royer was leaving. And it was this very week. Without further ado since it’s now or never, I made plans to have it the very next day but to my dismay, it was fully booked! I thought my hopes were dashed and I probably have to put off my plans to try Jaan for yet another few years. However, I managed to get a seat from a last minute cancellation and was over the moon! I am so happy to finally try Chef Royer’s food before he leaves Jaan.

I opted for the 5 course option ($118++) with additional cheese course ($20++) but the meal turned out to be heavier expected with amuse bouche, snacks, and pre-dessert.

The scenery here is the best in my opinion, comparing to all other high rise restaurants. It’s nicer nowadays due to the new buildings along Beach Road.

Something to munch on before the meal started.

Something like hummus straightforwardly named “My Hummus” which was made from lentils.

Black sesame sponge

Seeing savoury sponges always reminds me of Fujiya1935 in Osaka.

Cepes Sabayon and Mushroom Tea

Not literally tea. Tea bag was present for aesthetic purposes only.

This was also included among the amuse bouche. I love it. The cepes (also known as Porcini for Italian cuisine) earthy flavours were so rich.

And of course bread was served too. I picked the onion brioche and mini baguette. These were ok but not very memorable.

‘Burrata artigiana’, honeycomb, horseradish

First course was beetroot prepared in several styles. I am not a big fan of beet so this wasn’t my favourite dish for sure. It was no doubt beautifully presented though. The olive oil “caviar” did give it a nice finishing touch. I’ve been wanting to make my own olive oil or shoyu “caviar” at home but haven’t found time for that.

Ratte potato, chorizo Iberico,buckwheat

Notice more smoked rosemary below?

And then I mixed it all up. The egg was so perfectly cooked at 64 degrees Celsius for 55 minutes and the texture made the perfect sauce. The beautiful orange yolk was sticky and not runny at all. This dish is not only aesthetically pleasing and creative but also tastes superb. The combination of everything was just perfect and I could understand why this was the restaurant’s signature dish. The content of the bowl may change from time to time I realise, so it may not always be chorizo and potatoes. But whatever it is, it’s going to be very good.

This was definitely my favourite item from this meal. The overall taste reminds me of something else I’ve tried before but I can’t recall what and where as of now.

Kurobuta pork, miso caramel, yuzu

The rainbow trout was cooked to perfect doneness but the main star in my opinion is the kurobuta pork! While not it was the most tender pork I’ve tried, it was the flavour that stood out. It was somewhat sweet yet charred. Like a better version of char siew. I love the pork.

Niçoise olive, trumbetta zucchini, pesto

Here we have several versions of lamb in a plate. The softest would be the belly (lower left) but the best was definitely the lamb chop/ lamb rack which was covered with pesto. The texture was tender and the flavour was probably the best of lamb I’ve ever tried. Sorry I ran out of ideas for a better description but in 2015 where I’m in pursuit for good lamb and pork, Jaan definitely made me happy.

Black truffle ice cream, petite salade, poilane bread

I’ve been wanting to have cheese for a while. This one is quite a safe choice because there isn’t any funny taste which needs to be acquired.

Pre-dessert was a fruity pudding with coconut mousse.

Tastes & textures

I didn’t ask about the origins of the chocolate used but it was towards the dark and bitter side which I liked. I enjoyed this rich and heavy dessert very much.


I am not sure what the standards would be like after today when a new chef takes over but my overall feelings for this meal was the food standards meeting up to what I expected from this place and I was pleased. If I were to pick a 3 course meal I’d just go with the 55′ ROSEMARY SMOKED ORGANIC EGG, WELSH LAMB “PROVENÇALE” and CHOCONUTS ‘GRAND CRU’.


Ambiance: 10/10
Food: 8.5/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: Definitely one of my favourite meals so far, with the most beautiful scenery of our city.


2 Stamford Road
Swissotel The Stamford
Level 70, Equinox Complex
Singapore 178882

Tel: 6837 3322


Monday to Saturday

Lunch: 12:00 – 14:30
Dinner: 19:00 – 22:00


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