Moosehead Kitchen-Bar – Dinner

I found this restaurant while browsing Chope and the menu looked unique so I thought I’d give it a try. It is located along Telok Ayer Street, at the intersection with Cross Street. Upon reaching the place, I was quite disappointed because the place was small and the somewhat open kitchen made the dining area smell greasy.

I picked the table furthest from the kitchen area but grease smell still reached me throughout the meal. This is definitely not a place you come dressed up to because your outfit will smell.

Being close to the entrance gave me good lighting at least!

Marinated scallops – $19.00++

Yuzu marinated, seaweed

This item was not on the menu, but was available as a daily special written on the blackboard. The flavours were really nice and I could drink up all the sauces, but something was lacking – the scallops itself wasn’t of any unique texture.

Stracciatella di buratta – $22.00++

tomatoes, basil oil, flat bread

Their flat bread is made in house and I love it!

The burrata was very soft and creamy and it’s hard not to like this one. However the flat bread was the high light of this dish in my opinion. The texture was like a better version of naan.

Roast cauliflower – $14.00++

garlic miso, leek confit

Pretty overpriced for just cauliflower actually, but it’s quite nice. I mean, it’s hard for roasted cauliflower to go wrong.

Bone Marrow – $16.00++

Chilli jam, flatbread

This item was also a blackboard special. I didn’t find the bone marrow to be impressive, but happy to see more flat bread.

Flank steak – $29.00++

roast mushrooms, honey mustard

In recent years other cuts of beef like flank, flat iron or hanger is becoming more common for steak. It takes skill to make it right because such cuts can easily go wrong, smelling pungent. This flank steak was decent, definitely enjoyable but not really super memorable like Jamie Oliver’s Flatiron Steak when comparing these non-mainstream cuts.

I find the food here to be unique, every dish with distinct and strong, unusual flavours, but somehow nothing was to the extent of revolutionising my taste buds. Perhaps the greasy air marred my experience a little but I do believe a little something is lacking in the dishes that sets it apart from the really memorable fusion restaurants of similar genre.


Ambiance: 6/10
Food: 7.5/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: Not bad, but not a must try


Moosehead Kitchen-Bar
110 Telok Ayer St
Singapore 068579

Tel: 66368055


Mon – Fri:



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