O’ma Spoon – Dessert

So recently there has been many bingsu shops opening all around Singapore – in town, big malls, heartlands (basically everywhere) and I never thought I’ll actually like anything Korean but this bingsu thing is really good. It looks like normal shaved ice to me but I have to admit that I was too quick to judge. Bingsu is actually finely shaved frozen milk and the resulting texture of the flakes is very light and fluffy. Some places call it “snowflake”. I like how bingsu is light and there are few desserts which are like this. It’s a nice change from the usual heavy and rich desserts commonly found out there.

They sell the bingsus in full portions and petite portions. The full portion is said to be for 2 pax but that will only be if you start with an empty stomach. Sharing among 3 – 4 is more reasonable in my opinion if it’s an after dinner dessert.

Injeolmi Bingsu – $12.90

Soy bean powder, Rice cake, Almond, Fluffy Milk Flake

Based on the description, I thought injeolmi referred to kinako but actually it refers to the mochi covered with kinako (that’s how Japanese would name it, so for Koreans I guess they just call it chewy rice cake and soy bean powder). Apparently injeolmi flavour is a top flavour in Korea for bingsu. I ordered this because I personally love kinako from Japan. I am unfamiliar with Korean culture and didn’t know they use it in their food too!

Anyway, for the bingsu the milk flakes itself is not sweet and for this flavour the toppings are not very sweet either. Overall it’s good but can be boring if you have too much. Share it.

Green Tea Bingsu – $13.90

Ice cream, Green Tea, Red bean, Almond, Fluffy Milk Flake

I like matcha desserts but that only applies when good quality Uji Matcha is used. I had doubts about this place since it’s not a Japanese matcha dessert café but since it looks good I decided to try it anyway. As expected, the matcha used for this flavour wasn’t of top quality and tasted like cheap matcha. Ignoring the inferior matcha quality, the overall combination of ingredients was quite good and well proportioned. If you dig inside the mountain of milk flakes, you can see that they bothered to layer some matcha within the mountain of flakes. Actually they did this layering for all 3 bingsu flavours I tried today. Other than the matcha not seeming to be of top grade, the other ingredients (like azuki beans, ice cream) were of good quality.

Some sweetened milk was provided on the side but it wasn’t necessary for me. Perhaps if you want the dessert to be sweeter, you can pour some over.

Choco Brownie Bingsu – $18.90

American Brownie, Premium Ice, Cream, Banana, Oreo Cookies®, Almond, Fluffy Milk Flake

Yes they really use real Oreo here, and not some other kind of chocolate biscuit like what I had last week. I have no complaints about the quality of ingredients for this one.

I liked the quality of bingsu here and would recommend this place for dessert! I would love to try the honey toast and injeolmi toast next time.


Ambiance: 6/10
Food: 8/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: Good bingsu


O’ma Spoon Dessert Cafe
313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

Mon – Sun: 10:00–22:00


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