5 Places for Wine & Cheese in Singapore

Sometimes, you just want somewhere to continue hanging out after dinner. Dessert is the easiest option but you can’t possibly be eating ice cream for 3 hours can you? Others would go to a bar for drinks, but drinks alone aren’t my thing. I need something to eat (not kachang puteh or those typical bar snacks please) when I drink so wine and cheese is ideal. However, it isn’t really popular in Singapore as it is in France, for obvious reasons.

It’s true that many places do serve wine and they could have cheese, but they may not stay open till late (which defeats the purpose because I’m talking about an after dinner activity) and perhaps the ambiance isn’t suitable. The other deal breaker would be inferior wine or cheese.

Here I have a few places which are decent choices:


1. Wine Connection Cheese Bar
1 Unity Street, Singapore 237995

Closing: Mon – Thu 2am, Fri & Sat 3am, Sun 12am

This place can get noisy and crowded, which is the drawback, but the prices are also the lowest so you have to give and take. As the name suggests, they have a wide selection of wine and cheeses which you can consume in store.


2. Rillette Bar
53 Armenian Street, Singapore 179940

Closing: Mon – Sat 12am

This is on the upper level of Le Bistrot Du Sommelier. I’ve not been to Rillette Bar specifically but I’ve dined at the restaurant and also ordered duck rillettes on another occasion for takeaway too. The quality here is top notch.


3. Café Gavroche
69 Tras Street, Singapore 079008

Closing: Mon – Sat 12am

This one has the nicest ambiance with Parisian theme throughout the entire café. I love the effort put in for the décor. They serve cheese, rillettes and other charcuteries and also offer wine in tasting portions so you can have variety without over drinking.


4. Do.Main Bakery
226 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437015

Closing: Sun – Thu 9pm, Fri – Sat 10:30pm

When I was here for a tasting a few months back, I mentioned it was a pity that they don’t have cheese. Now they do! They get their cheese supplied from The Cheese Shop in Joo Chiat and charcuterie from Bar-roque Grill. Their bread is made in house, fresh daily. Only draw back is the early closing hours (but be considerate, they come in at 6am everyday to bake!).


5. Leopold
96 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088517

They have various cold platters like the cheese platter or mixed platters for 1, 2 or 4 people. They have paired up with The Entertainer and you can get 1 for 1 main menu items here! They have other snacks like fries (and it’s really well fried, to my liking) and calamari just to name a few.

6. Home *bonus*

Closing: Never or until cheese runs out

Get some fairy lights from IKEA, a solid wooden board and quality cheese from Jason’s Market Place or The Cheese Shop and you’ll get a nice cheese party.

It’s up to you to lay out “Something old, something new, something goat, and something blue.” For sure, I’ll skip the goat.


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