Café Gavroche – Breakfast

After last week’s wine and cheese at Café Gavroche, I’m here again for breakfast.

This part of town is super peaceful on weekends and I love it that way. No crowd, no queue, no hipsters.

This place gives a differed vibe in the day and I like how bright it was with ample natural light.

The breakfast selection is looks very French but in actually, the kind of breakfast I had in France (tried at a random bistro, a weekend brunch at La Chambre and a homely breakfast from an Airbnb stay in Cannes) featured bread with jam and butter, juice and coffee or tea. No eggs.

Got some croissants ($2.50++), pain au chocolat ($3.50++) and freshly pressed
orange juice ($10++) to start.

I love croissants. I kept looking for the best while in Paris. I’m happy to say the croissant here was really good! I don’t know where it’s from but this is the best I’ve had in Singapore so far. The crust was thinly crispy while it was nicely fluffy with many layers inside.

Croque Monsieur – $16.00++

I’ve stayed away from ham for the longest time but a nice ham and cheese sandwich is worth breaking the rule once in a while. The first impression was that it looks like a thicker Ya Kun toast but of course it tastes nothing like that. The sandwich was satisfying.

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