Candlenut – Dinner

Clueless about what to have for dinner, I found Candlenut listed in my Entertainer App and decided to give it a try since I felt like having something different. I’ve seen it around for some time at the Dorsett Residence but somehow never made plans to try it.

For dinner, they now offer the “ahmakase” set, which is a menu decided by the chef. For $50.00++, you get a selection of 4 appetizers, 5 mains, desserts. Using the The Entertainer saved me around 25% off!

I prefer this mode of dining because I’ll get to try more dishes, and I don’t have to decide what dishes to order. Candlenut isn’t exactly traditional in their cooking so I was looking forward to try out their unique creations.

Kueh Pie Tee

I was looking forward to trying this so I was very pleased to see it on the menu. This is quite common and served in all Perankan restaurants but it isn’t always nice. It was served separately so you get to construct it yourself.

I’m glad to say this one is good! All components contributes to the final taste/ texture and it was well made.

By the way I recently watched a variety show on local TV featuring Popiah and Kueh Pie Tee and surprisingly a lot of teenagers (Polytechnic students, so they aren’t exactly kids anymore) have never heard of or tried Kueh Pie Tee before. Looks like teenagers/ kids nowadays are missing out big time…

P1130387Grain Fed Australian Beef Flank Satay

Tumbuk Prawns, Laksa Leaf, Starfruit

Local Grilled Chicken & Black Fungus Kerabu, Gingerflower, Rice Paper Roll

I’ve never tried something like this before but I liked it.

Bakwan Kepiting Crab Meatballs, Bamboo Shoots, Chicken Broth

Grilled King Tiger Prawn, Yellow Turmeric Coconut Curry, Calamansi Lime

This was my favorite main course, definitely! I was surprised (but happy) to see how huge the prawns were. It’s way larger than I imagined. It was easy to shell too since it’s been slit a the side. The curry look deceivingly innocent but it turned out to be really spicy, which was good because there’s no kick if it’s not.

Chap Chye Braised Cabbage, Sweet Beancurd Skin, Pork Belly, Prawn Stock

I’m not a fan of chap chye (but will eat) but this one tasted kind of different from the usual version. I liked this better.

Rendang of Beef Shin, Roasted Coconut

Rendang is one of my favourite dishes but for this one the presence of a lot tendons made it quite tricky to eat. The meat wasn’t exactly very tender. It could be better. The gravy was alright though.

Wok Fried Wild Caught Baby Squid, Buah Keluak Sambal, Kaffir Lime

Buah Keluak is usually served with chicken and I’ve never had it with squid before. This was new to me and it turned out quite well, even though I’m not a fan of Buak Keluak. It was strong in flavours and salty so having rice is a must. The squid itself was very tender and after removing some of the Buah Keluak coated on it, I noticed that fine incisions were slit all over the surface of the squid. Such details in preperation helped to improve the tenderness and that explains why the squid wasn’t rubbery at all!


Jelly palate cleanser prepping us for dessert.

Tapoica kueh (if I’m not wrong..) and Kueh Salat.

I think they expected diners to be full by now so cutting down on the rice portion was a thoughtful move.

Buah Keluak Ice Cream, Salted Caramel, Warm Chocolate Espuma

This feels more like chilled mousse than ice cream and doesn’t really melt. The taste is strange and bitter but much better in combination with the other ingredients. The chocolate cookie bits and fizzy thing contributed positively to the texture. This is unique and exotic but overall it probably will only appeal to people who already acquired the taste. First timers are definitely in for a shock/ surprise.

Candlenut’s Signature Chendol Cream, Pandan Jelly, Gula Melaka

I preferred this dessert. It’s like a chendol inspired panna cotta.

Their homemade lemongrass and ginger drink ($4.00++) went really well with these dishes and this is one of my most enjoyable Peranakan meals so far.

Ambiance: 7.5/10
Food: 8/10
Value: 8/10 (using the Entertainer)
Overall: Not so traditional Peranakan cuisine but well executed.

331 New Bridge Road
Dorsett Residences
Singapore 088764

Tel: 81214107

Monday – Friday: 12:00–14:30

Monday – Saturday: 18:00–22:00




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