Kazu Sumiyaki – Dinner

I’ve never had luck trying to dine here because this yakitori restaurant is very popular and was full when I attempted to try previously. Thankfully there were vacant seats at the counter when I reached at 8:30pm so I managed to walk in without reservations this time. I can see that this place is highly popular because the restaurant was still crowded late on a weeknight.

A fume hood was placed above the grill so there’s minimal grease going around the restaurant.

Katsuo Tataki – $18.00++

This was on the daily specials menu. The katsuo was well smoked, better than most others I’ve tried.

Garlic Fried Rice – $7.00++

I can’t resist fried rice.

Okonomiyaki – $3.00++
Kazu’s pancake ball

This is like okonomiyaki cooked in a takoyaki mould, a combination of 2 of Osaka’s most famous street snacks.

Zucchini Cheese – $3.00++
Cheese and minced chicken zucchini rolls

This one was served with some mustard dip. Really nice!

Aspara Buta Maki – $5.00++

Shiso Momo Buta Maki – $4.00++

Avocado Buta Maki – $2.50++

All sorts of pork belly rolls. The shiso one uses pink pork. The asparagus is a classic no fail combination.

Tsukune – $3.00++
Minced chicken balls

Ji Momo – $4.00++
Wild chicken thigh

Momo Buta – $4.00++
Pink Pork

I’ve never tried pink pork before and the taste was unique. It was on the sweet side.

Japan Wagyu Beef -$8.50++

This is a must try! Really nice. Reminds me of the beef skewers I had in Takayama (it was better there, of course).

Iseebi Bacon – $5.50++
Lobster bacon rolls

Tontoro – $4.00++
Pork jaw

Definitely better than Tori Q’s tontoro, which is my favourite item from that shop.

Negima – $3.00++
Chicken and leek with salt/ saya

Mukago – $5.00++
Baby Yam

The baby yam was extremely cute.

Ebi Hotate Bacon – $5.50++
Prawn and Scallops Bacon roll

Leek – $2.00++

Aspara Buta Maki – $5.00++

Foie Gras – $6.50++

The foie gras here is famous and I can see why. This is only $6.50 and it’s good!

Tiramisu – $10.00++

I decided to get this after seeing the person next to me ordering it and this was more like a tiramisu inspired dessert than classic tiramisu.

It served as a nice sweet ending to this good meal!

This place is inexpensive (I can’t think of any other good Japanese dinner places in Singapore this price) considering the quality and I can understand why it remains popular even though it’s been around so a long time. The popularity is definitely not due to hypes and trends. They don’t even have a website or Facebook page to publicize through social media. Only quality food will survive through the years and this restaurant is one of them. For the record, I’ve been wanting to try this place for at least 5 years and even now it remains popular.

Ambiance: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: Good quality unpretenious yakitori

Kazu Sumiyaki
5 Koek Rd
Singapore 228796

Tel: 67342492

Dinner: 18:00 – 22:00


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