The Song of India – Deepavali 2015 Special (Invited Tasting)

Deepavali is happening in a month’s time and The Song of India is offering a special Deepavali Celebration Dinner as well as four luxurious handcrafted Mithai boxes with an assortment of signature traditional Indian sweets just for this special occasion.

The Deepavali celebration set dinner includes 4 courses and a sampling of Chef Manjunath Mural’s Deepavali special Mithais. There are 2 versions of course – vegetarian and non-vegetarian. I am non-vegetarian so I got to try the latter.

Tava Chettinad Prawn
Pan seared, tiger prawns in coconut coat

Murgh Reshmi Kebab
Soft chicken mince kebab

Served with Deepavali faral, which is some savoury crispy nibbles. The green one is cheese.

Badami Yakhni Shorba
Rich and velvety lamb & almond soup

I don’t recall having Indian soup before so this is a first for me and I loved it! There was a subtle sandalwood note to the taste as well. Whatever that crispy pastry is, it is really good too even when eaten alone.

Deepavali Art Palette

The Art Palette is often featured in the usual dinner set to let diners taste various dishes in one palette. This version presented here is specially designed for Deepavali.

Assorted naan in the tandoor bread basket…

… as well as Masala Puri to go with the various gravies. It’s my first time trying Puri and it’s good! It’s the Chef’s favourite. It’s my first time stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something other than naan.

Murg Malai Khumb
Chicken roulade with a cheesy mushroom stuffing

Tiranga Kofta Curry
Spinach and cheese dumplings in a smoked tomato sauce

Poha Crusted Assame Fish Curry
Fresh sea bass with a puffed rice crust, in a coastal style gravy

Gujarati Kadhi
Guajarati yoghurt curry

My favourite gravies from these 4 was the fish curry, while yogurt curry was the least.

Kholapuri Goli Pulao
Fine basmati pulao with lamb mince

I love basmati rice.

Kurkuri Nadru
Crispy fried lotus rings

Aam Ka Panna
Refreshing raw mango drink

I wasn’t really fan of these 2 items. I would prefer if the lotus rings were less oily.

I liked how everything was served in small portions so you can taste a bit of each, and you can ignore those which you don’t really like without much wastage. I was told you could ask for refills if required. I would ask for more fish curry for sure!

And then it was time for dessert…


Strawberry Jalebi
Sweet & crispy strawberry flavoured Diwali spirals

I don’t have much experience with Indian desserts and I was told that typically, they like their desserts to be really sweet. This was my first time trying Jalebi, which is deep fried flour batter in circular or spiral shapes soaked in sugar syrup, popular during Deepavali. The texture was crunchy and it definitely sweet.

Angoori Payas Basundi
Milk dumplings in saffron basundi sauce

I am not a person who takes milk regularly so I can’t really appreciate milk dumplings, but I liked the saffron basundi sauce despite the heavy milk taste. Saffron makes everything better I guess! I drank up the sauce before I knew it.

Song of India’s Mithai

And here are samples from the Mithai boxes. They retained some of their top sellers from previous years and also added some new creations this year. In order from top to bottom:

Rose Royale (signature flavour)
Using precious rose petal preserve especially flown in from Lucknow, India, rose hued swirls enveloped in luxurious smooth Cashew rolls. Be enthralled by its irresistible taste.

Mango Magnifique (signature flavour)
An All time favourite. King of mangoes, the intensely flavoured Alphonso mango is combined with decadent white chocolate & gilded with precious silver. Our Alphonso mango pulp is flown in from Ratnagiri, India to ensure its pure irresistible taste.

Diamanté Delight (signature flavour)
Luscious figs from Iran, premium jewels of cashews, almonds and pistachios create a delightful symphony of flavours. Its crunchy bite will take you on a one minute flavour expedition to India! No Added Sugar, just natural sugar from dates and figs.

Cheraunji & Saffron Sensation (new flavour)
A fabulous creation flavoured with Cheraunji nuts infused with the worlds’ most expensive spice- Saffron; covered with a sprinkle of heavenly melon seeds.

Clove & Pistachio Classique (new flavour)
A winning combination of spicy hot clove flavour and decadent pistachios for a pure taste, that slowly melts in your mouth.

Blueberry, Hazelnut & Almond Indulgence (new flavour)
Crunchy toasted Hazelnuts, rolled with the goodness of almonds encased in a layer of Refreshing Blueberry. Sensuous and rich with antioxidants!

My favourite was the Cheraunji & Saffron Sensation. I don’t know why but I liked this way better than the others, no contest. Perhaps I am a fan of saffron. The texture was distinctly smooth for this one, while the others were more grainy/ coarse. My next favourite was the Rose Royale which was not just pretty from the swirls of colours but also very fragrant with rose scent.

Interestingly, other people from this tasting session had different opinions. None of them listed the ones I liked as their favourites and instead preferred the figs or pistachio flavour instead. It is all subjectively ultimately.

Chai Masala

This is not coffee, even though the cup says so. It’s a very rich cup of Chai packed with strong herbs and spices, a nice way to end this very satisfying meal.

The Song of India gave me a very different experience comparing to other Indian restaurants. The location in a colonial building along Scotts Road definitely makes it unique already. The fine dining set up of the restaurant also sets it apart from most other Indian restaurants and it is actually the first of such concept in Singapore when it began operations almost 10 years ago. Also, the chef uses ingredients and cooking styles from all over India, so the food offered is not limited to just the North or South’s cuisine.

If you’re interested to have a feast this Deepavali, The Song of India “Deepavali Celebration Dinner” is available from November 1st to November 15th at at $89.00++ per pax.

Ambiance: 8.5/10
Food: 8.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: Definitely the best Indian meal I’ve had so far in Singapore.

The Song of India
33 Scotts Road
Singapore 228226

Tel: 68360055

Lunch: 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: 6pm – 11pm


Deepavali Mithai Boxes

If you would like to order the Mithai gift boxes featuring the sweets as introduced above, here are the prices:

Premium Celebrations Gift Box SGD 76+  (30 Sweets, 6 varieties)
Premium Celebrations Gift Box SGD 86+ (15 Sweets & gift)
Deepavali Delights Gift Box SGD 58+ (20 Sweets,  4 varieties)
Deepavali Delights Gift Box SGD 68+ (10 Sweets & gift)
Ultima Treasures Gift Box SGD 39+ (4 varieties of dry fruits)
Celebration Gift Box SGD 33+ (12 Sweets,  3 varieties)


Ultima Treasures Gift Box + Deepavali Delight Gift Box SGD92+

Free Delivery to ONE location (only in Singapore) for every 20 boxes
For Mithai Box orders please call 97309725 or 68360055



For Christmas 2015, Song of India has come up with festive specials too.

Set Menu

Celebrate this festive season with family and friends at The Song Of India, indulging in “A delicious Christmas Celebration Feast”. Available from 20th Dec’ 15 to 26th Dec’15 (6 pm – 11 pm) for dinner.

Christmas Flyer (2)

I usually do not enjoy Christmas turkey because it’s dry and I don’t like the typical turkey stuffing taste, but a tandoori turkey sure sounds like something different!

Enjoy a “Whole Tandoori Turkey Take Away” available from the 20th to 26th December. Do order in advance of 2 days.


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