Nescafe Dolce Gusto Uji Matcha

My matcha here looks like the real deal right?

But it’s actually from this capsule! I happened to see this at a supermarket in Hokkaido, Japan and I just had to try. Apparently this item is limited edition and only available in Hokkaido!

I’m not much of a coffee drinker (or totally not at all, to be exact) so I don’t have much use for the machine. In Singapore we have tea latte capsules (green tea, chai and black tea) but they are not to my liking, with sugar stuff. This Uji Matcha version is not the same as the green tea latte capsules in Singapore – it’s just matcha, without the milk capsule, and it’s unsweetened. One box contains 16 capsules so each drink would cost around $0.80.

I wasn’t expecting much and just wanted to try for the novelty but it turned out better than anticipated. I was pleased to see a layer of foam like the real matcha and it’s close enough in terms of taste and thickness. In fact, it’s better than matcha served at certain places even (like some bad matcha cafes in Singapore or Tokyo even… which is miles apart from those in Kyoto). Such places serve matcha for $6 – $8 or more so for $0.80 this is definitely a steal.

It is also very convenient for people who wish to enjoy matcha at home but are lazy to go through the steps (it is a long and slow process with a lot of patience and precision required, not forgetting the washing up of may apparatus) or do not have the various apparatus which can be an investment because they don’t come cheap.

Goes well with my matcha honey castella which I got from Tokyo!

I hope this product becomes permanent and available in other prefectures and Singapore.


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