Bangkok – Nahm

This meal was my only Thai meal during my Bangkok trip but at least I can say I’ve had tom yum soup and green curry. Situated in Metropolitan by COMO (owned by Singaporeans), and with the chef behind this restaurant from Australia, this restaurant may not sound like it’s going to serve authentic Thai food but I’m glad that the flavours and intensity of spices was not compromised and it did not disappoint.

For lunch, they serve ala carte or a set which cost ฿1600++ per person (S$63.00++). It’s definitely on the high side for what you may expect from Bangkok, since most Singaporeans choose Bangkok as a holiday location precisely because of it’s relatively much lower cost of everything, but if it was going to be good


Candied buts on pineapple. Yummy.


Blue swimmer crab with peanuts and pickled garlic on rice cakes


Egg nets with prawns, wild almonds and kaffir lime

Both canapés were really unique and delicious. The texture also stood out.


Soup, salad, curry and main course was served together with Thai rice.


Hot and sour soup of chicken, prawn and wild mushrooms

This was essentially tom yum soup, a very spicy one. It was so spicy, I could only take sips of it. I’m not bad with spices to begin with so really, it’s very spicy.


Clear soup of roast duck with thai basil and young coconut

This soup was not spicy at all and was somewhat on the sweet-savoury side. It was packed with flavours (definitely not a light soup even though it’s clear) and I’ve never tasted anything like this before. Interesting choice.


Salad of fresh river prawns with pork and Asian pennywort

This dish was unfamiliar to me because I’ve never had this leaf for salads (or for any other culinary uses actually). It’s not something you can find in Singapore so I’m glad to try something different in Thailand. Not bad.


Green curry of beef with thai basil and eggplants

Green curry is a popular Thai dish in Singapore and every Thai restaurant definitely serves it. I’ve tasted many green curries in Singapore and most of the time the flavours were pretty consistent with the best only being better marginally. This one seemed better than most of the ones I’ve tried but again, I’ll say the difference is small since the competition is strong. The curry spices for this one was strong enough so the coconut milk wasn’t overpowering and the beef was tender and soaked with flavours.


Steamed coral trout with bang rak yellow beans and pickled garlic

This is simply a steamed fish so it’s as good as good fresh fish can be.


Tropical fruit in scented syrup

I have no idea what this fruit is and I’m typically not interested in fruits… so I don’t have good things to say about this.

Sweet thai wafers with poached persimmon and golden duck egg noodles

I preferred this one if I had to choose one.

Overall the food was very well executed Thai food but isn’t something out of the world with a ‘must try’ label. It’s a nice choice if you are clueless about what to have in Bangkok though!

Metropolitan by COMO
27 South Sathorn Road, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120


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