Bangkok – Gaggan

When I knew I was going to Bangkok (for the first time), I knew I had to try out this restaurant which was ranked No.1 in Asia! Before I even booked my tickets, I booked this restaurant. I chose to dine here on Christmas Eve so I thought I better make my reservations as early as possible.

Gaggan serves molecular gastronomy with Indian flavours. I didn’t know much about this restaurant and not much was said on their website. The website was minimal, dark themed and sort of mysterious. I imagined this to be a really serious restaurant but when I reached the place…

P1170636 (900x675)

How lovely! It was set in a really cute looking whitewashed colonial house. This whimsical look reminded me of Fat Duck.

For the festive season, they serve a 400oTHB++ menu only. This is around $155++, which I find very value for money considering how everything is easily more than that (for a 3 or 4 course dinner) in Singapore, on Christmas Eve! This menu has 13 courses and 10 amuse bouches.

P1170638 (900x675)P1170642 (900x675)

Nacho’s Mood today…
Passionfruit and Mango Juice

Kinda like a welcome drink.

P1170644 (900x675)

Chocolate Chilly Bomb

Chilli flavoured center in white chocolate shells.

P1170646 (900x675)

Edible Plastic Spiced Nuts

It really looks like real plastic! The ‘plastic’ dissolves in the mouth

P1170649 (900x675)

Yogurt Explosion

This is one of their signature creations. It explodes like an egg yolk in the mouth.

P1170655 (900x675)

Bird’s Nest

Potato rosti makes the nest.

P1170658 (900x675)

Onion Pakoda

Bengali Mustard and Nori Pakoda coated in seaweed dust. Very savoury.

P1170660 (900x675)

Papadam and Tomato Chutney

Not really papadam. This one is created with dehydrated tapioca pearls.

P1170662 (900x675)

Idly Sambar

Such sponges are typical of molecular gastronomy restaurants.

P1170663 (900x675)

CTM Burger
CTM = Chicken Tikka Masala. The burger us not made from buns, but from meringue.

P1170671 (900x675)

Keema (lamb) Samosa

P1170677 (900x675)

P1170678 (900x675)


What lies beneath is a surprise…

P1170683 (900x675)

I think there’s some unofficial competition going on between molecular restaurants around the world for creating the best charcoal dish. The secret which lies beneath the charcoal later is a mixture of seabass and potato. The fake white ash is made from dehydrated onion powder.

P1170693 (900x675)

Magic Mushroom
Truffle, forest mushroom in the shape of a log on edible soil

P1170695 (900x675)P1170696 (900x675)

Red Matcha
First a cold salad of tomatoes and grapes and then a hot tomato tea ceremony

P1170698 (900x675)

It was a cold tomato bullion from 24h hung dried tomatoes. In the black bowl was dried tomato puree powder and you whisk it together, before pouring into the drinking cup with the starfruit and tomato. This is also one of their signature creations.

P1170704 (900x675)

Herbed marinated fish wrapped in edible leaves with tender coconut dashi

P1170706 (900x675)

Pig & Pickle
72 hours prepared Iberian pork loin in sweet and sour Punjabi pickled mix

Good cuts of pork is always different and takes skill to bring out the best. I’m glad this one was worth the fats.

P1170709 (900x675)

Lentil cake snow with curry leaves and mustard seeds

P1170713 (900x675)

Who Killed the Goat?
Free range lamb chops sous-vide, finished in tandoor

This is the best lamb chop EVER!

P1170715 (675x900)P1170717 (900x675)

I want my curry!!!
Blue swimmer crab coastal curry with steamed rice

This is an Indian restaurant and it’s about time a curry appeared.

P1170721 (900x675)

Gajar Halwa
Black carrot ice cream, crispy carrot flower and cardomom oil

P1170726 (900x675)

Fall Season
Leaves from the Royal Farm with basil ice cream and 70% chocolate

Those are real leaves.

P1170728 (900x675)

Bombay Cassatta
Pistachio, mango, rose milk, cardamom, pan leaves and popping candy

P1170732 (900x675)

P1170734 (900x675)

Digestive Tamarind Leather

Overall the food was innovative and tasted good as well. That’s no easy feat. The restaurant wasn’t exactly fine dining, so don’t expect anything formal. It’s more quirky and fun. No.1 in Asia? For creativity, yes it is!

68/1 Soi Langsuan, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10330, Thailand





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