La Ristrettos – Lunch

I’ve been here just less than a year ago and my previous experience was decent enough to warrant a revisit. Despite being hidden from passers by, this cafe is popular enough to be crowded both times I was here! The crowd was not insane though, so the environment is still comfortable enough to sit through a leisurely lunch.

IMG_20160307_175720 (900x900)

Chai Latte

Ordered the Chai Latte and was pleased to have it served in an orange cup and saucer. The milk was kind of too much for my liking. I prefer my masala chai to be of original proportions like you would get in Indian restaurants because the spices were muted down with so much milk. They do have original masala chai too and I think I’ll opt for that next time.

IMG_20160307_175900 (900x900)

Breakfast Crab Cakes – $15.00
Potato, pancetta, spinach, avocado, poached egg, wild rocket

Very decent with lots of green elements. I think it can pass off as a lunch dish rather than a breakfast dish.

IMG_20160307_180042 (900x900)

Smoked Salmon – $14.00
English muffin, spinach, honey yogurt sauce, tomato, poached egg

The honey yogurt is something different from the usual hollandaise. Not bad.

If I had to pick a place for lunch in Novena I guess I would come here again! It’s unique and food quality is very decent.

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