Bordeaux (Lormont) – Le Prince Noir

Bordeaux is known for it’s excellent wines but sadly it’s not known for good food. Most of the restaurants here are average at best and I knew I had to get out of town to find something unique and good.

Le Prince Noir is located in Lormont, a 20 minutes drive north of Bordeaux. I read about it in an article when I was searching what Chef Alain Ducasse would recommend in Bordeaux (I trust the chefs). The location was perfect, on the way to my next destination, and the concept of this place was appealing.

P1190929 (900x675)

It’s located in a little castle.

P1190930 (900x675)

P1190932 (900x675)

The outside was very much an old castle but the inside was contemporary.

P1190931 (900x675)

Lunch menu at €35 for 3 courses was very reasonable.

P1190934 (900x675)P1190935 (900x675)

Amuse-bouche was squid “noodle”.

P1190938 (900x675)

Œuf basse temperature, sifflets d’aspergers vertes et blanches

Sous vide egg with asparagus green and white. White asparagus is in season in May.

P1190937 (900x675)

Rouget déglacé au xipister, moutarde métisse

Cold appetizer of fish.

P1190941 (900x675)

Dos de cabillaud, les premières courgettes comme un tian

Black cod and zucchini. Very simply done but perfect.

P1190951 (900x675)

Crème caramel

So sinful…

P1190946 (900x675)

Soupe de fraise et madeleines

Madeleines are on the side, if you’re wondering. Nothing fancy here, just good, fresh, French strawberries. So good.

P1190957 (675x900)

Sitting beside a window like this…

IMG_20160523_182303 (900x900)P1190953 (900x675)P1190961 (900x675)

The lunch was simple yet not ordinary. I enjoyed my experience here and would recommend it if you’re going to Bordeaux.

P1190959 (900x675)P1190963 (900x675)

Spotted some vegetables growing right there. I love to see fresh produce grown on site in restaurants.

Le Prince Noir
1 Rue du Prince Noir, 33310 Lormont, France


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