Super Loco – Dinner

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Mexican food as become one of my favorites now and I’ve been waiting to come to Super Loco for a very long time! Robertson Quay isn’t an area which I’ll happen to have activities at so I had to make a detour to have dinner here one day after yoga at Raffles Place. And it was worth the detour!

Being hungry and unable to decide (since I want to order everything on the menu if I could), I went for the El Loco set which includes 5 items and cost $35.00++/pax, minimum order of 2 pax. For 2 pax it includes 1 bowl of chips, two corn each, 1 portion of tostaditas, 2 tacos and 1 quesadilla. The flavour would be decided by the kitchen. I added on one ceviche because I felt like it.

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Fresh corn chips with roasted tomato salsa

Judging from the irregular shapes, it looks like it’s the leftovers from cutting out small round shapes for making tostaditas bases. And that means their chips are fried in house! It was super addictive and so much better than those off the shelves.

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Mexican street style grilled corn, chipotle mayo, cotija cheese

So delicious. It’s my first time having this style of corn and it won’t be my last.

P1190711 (900x675)

ATUN CRUDO – $18.00++
Tuna tartare, chipotle mayo, spiced avocado, plantain crisps
I’ve never seen plantain before and was wondering what those chips here. It’s like a less sweet banana. The tuna was good even though it’s not really ceviche.

P1190716 (900x675)

Pulled pork shoulder, achiote, house pickles, chicharrón
The pulled pork was kind of dry and not as good as MexOut or Hombre Cantina! I wouldn’t recommend it.


P1190726 (900x675)

Achiote marinated snapper, chipotle mayo, red onion & cucumber salsa

I found this snapper to be pretty good! I’d recommend it.

P1190723 (900x675)

Spice roasted chicken, oregano, pico de gallo

The quesadilla was a lot smaller and presented in a much neater way than places serving takeaway style Mexican food but the size doesn’t really bother me. The flavours were great but overall it’s not the best quesadilla.

P11907382 (900x675)

I liked the whole laid back atmosphere of the place. It was located in the right neighbourhood and it matches the character of the restaurant well. Most other Mexican restaurants are cramped, squeezy and somewhat rowdy in Singapore so this one is kind of different.

Ambiance: 7/10
Food: 7.5/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: Good place for Mexican food if you want a nice casual atmosphere without squeezing in crowds. 

Super Loco
60 Robertson Quay
#01-13 The Quayside
Singapore 238252

5pm―12am (kitchen opens at 5.30pm)

5pm―12am (kitchen opens at 5.30pm)

Brunch: 10am-3.30pm (kitchen opens at 10.00am)
Dinner: 5pm―12am (kitchen opens at 5.30pm)

Brunch: 10am-3.30pm (kitchen opens at 10.00am)
Dinner: 5pm–12am (kitchen opens at 5.30pm)



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