About 1 hour away from Bordeaux Mérignac airport you can find the town of Arcachon, a lesser known coastal town in France compared to it’s famous Southern counterparts. Arcachon is a place which is not what you typically expect from France – you don’t find historical typical European structures here. It’s a lot more contemporary here.

To be honest, I added in this destination because I wanted to eat oysters and Arcachon is famous for that. But the trip here turned out more pleasant than expected!

P1200160 (900x675)

I booked a service apartment – Residhome Arcachon Plazza and it was a studio apartment.

P1200161 (900x675)

The kitchen was well equipped with a built in hob and hood. Still and sparkling water and snacks were given free of charge!

Residhome Arcachon Plazza
49 Avenue Lamartine, 33120 Arcachon, France

P1200162 (900x675)

This place reminds me of Robertson Quay in Singapore. This is Arcachon Plaza where you can find cafes and shops. It was around 6pm already hence most shops are closed.

P1200163 (900x675)

The place I wanted to have dinner at was a long drive or ferry away to Cap Ferret and I didn’t search how to take the ferry (regret!) so I had to make do with a random choice along the beach.

P1200169 (900x675)P1200173 (900x675)

Dinner was not bad. Decent.

Grand Café Victoria
26 Boulevard Prom. Veyrier Montagnères, 33120 Arcachon

P1200174 (900x675)

I left the apartment early for a walk and found a Monoprix store. I love French supermarkets.

P1200176 (675x900)

Spice rack goals.

P1200178 (900x675)

French jam looking good.

When I returned, I noticed a big market at Arcachon Plaza which opened probably after 10am or something, selling cheese, fruits, flowers, seafood and all sorts of things.

P1200179 (900x675)

Took a drive down to Pyla sur Mer, south of Arcachon for lunch. Pyla sur Meris famous for the sand dune but it’s probably not warm enough for walking there now. Mid summer would be good.

P1200183 (900x675)

I had lunch reservations in La Co(o)rniche, a restaurant which was recommended by Joël Robuchon.

P1200195 (900x675)

The view of Biscay Bay here was beautiful.

P1200196 (900x675)P1200197 (900x675)P1200199 (900x675)

It was kind of cold and chilly but the view was worth sitting outdoors for!

P1200201 (900x675)

This would be ideal for summer.

P1200204 (900x675)

The (hungry?) birds agree.

P1200206 (900x675)

Seafood platter and daily fish.

P1200210 (900x675)

Added more oysters to this platter. 

P1200207 (900x675)

The fish was really good too.

The food here was on the expensive side, but this is a classy hotel and the view was unparalleled.

P1200212 (900x675)

This marble table indoors is so beautiful.

La Co(o)rniche
46 Avenue Louis Gaume, 33115 Pyla-sur-Mer, France


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