Les Prés d’Eugénie – Michel Guérard

I wanted to try Michel Bras in Laguiole after my good experience in Michel Bras Toya, Hokkaido last year, but the location was not the most favourable. While searching for equally good restaurants in Southern France, I chanced upon this gem located in Eugénie-les-Bains, a commune in the Landes department in Aquitaine in southwestern France. It wasn’t far off from Bordeaux, where I started my trip and the idea of going somewhere relatively quiet excited me. I do not fancy having my vacation in a placed swarmed with people. Eugénie-les-Bains more or less countryside and the most famous thing about this place is this property Les Prés d’Eugénie, which has a spa resort and famous restaurants owned by Chef Michel Guérard and his wife.

Standing at the heart of a vast 8-hectare Estate, Les Prés d’Eugénie are made up of 8 houses scattered throughout the water, rose and kitchen gardens and the meadows of the property. A little river called the Bahus run through them. Everyone goes around on foot, as the houses are only a few dozen yards away from each other.

I booked a night’s stay here and the package included a stay in the Main House and dinner at their gastronomic 3 Michelin Starred restaurant. This whole stay was probably the highlight of my trip. My stay here was impeccable and there’s nothing more I could ask for to make it better.

P1200214 (900x675)P1200215 (900x675)

Outdoor patio


I booked a classic room in the Main House but for more luxury they have suites. For a garden experience they have more shabby chic looking rooms in their Garden wing and also more simple rooms in their Guest House. I’m very satisfied with my room and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I would suggest reaching here as early as you can as you would want to soak up the beauty of this place. I regret not having the chance to wander around more.

P1200220 (900x675)

The property has lots of empty fields and everywhere is perfect for a picnic. I preempted this and collected picnic food along the way here. The reception kindly loaned me an empty picnic basket and it was time for a picnic!

P1200224 (900x675)

The weather here was perfect for a picnic. It was cooling and nice. How lucky! Just a few days ago, it was too chilly in Bordeaux. Looks like summer has really arrived today!

P1200225 (900x675)

It’s not officially summer so I suppose this place is still not crowded. I love the privacy I got. You definitely can’t find a picnic spot like this in Singapore.

P1200237 (900x675)

Cabernet jelly given during my stay in Château Giscours in Medoc came in useful for this picnic!

P1200240 (900x675)

This picnic is the perfect time to have my 1989 Château Beau-Séjour Bécot Saint Emilion I bought from the winery. The wine was so well aged being stored perfectly in their underground limestone cellar.

Tip: If you were to buy old aged wines, please buy it from the source. You’ll never know how resellers store their wines and it may have gone bad and you won’t even know!

The wooden board that Château Beau-Séjour Bécot gave me came in very useful for my picnic.

P1200319 (900x675)

Dinner time.

P1200311 (900x675)

I had my 3 course Terrior Sublime dinner in the terrace. The table with set up with whimsical details.

P1200330 (900x675)

Canapés to begin.

P1200335 (900x675)

P1200341 (900x675)

Michel Guérard and his wife has their own vineyard and makes wine too, albeit not the best. Their wines were complimentary with our meal.

I’m not trying to act like I know French but the menu doesn’t come in another language.

P1200342 (900x675)

L’Oreiller Moelleux de Mousserons et de Morilles
au Fumet de Truffle

Somewhat like ravioli with truffles.

P1200344 (900x675)

Le Foie Gras sur Fagot d’Aromates
Craquelin aux Champignons de Mousse
Trois Gelées en Camaïeu

It’s Landes so I must have Foie Gras. It was simple but good. With a trio of jelly and mushroom toast.

P1200352 (675x900)

Another white wine.

P1200354 (900x675)

Le Saumon Grillé à la Cheminée
Légumes Boucanés et Bouillon de Poulette

Grilled salmon, simple and no gimmicks with many greens and chicken broth.

P1200360 (900x675)

Les Belles Saint-Jacques Toastees au Sautoir
Fondue de Chicoree au Beurre de Mer


P1200367 (900x675)

Un Soufflé Époustouflant à la Verveine

Verbena soufflé

P1200371 (900x687)

Le Gâteau Mollet du Marquis de Béchamel
et la Glace Fondue à la Rhubarbe

This is one of the chef’s signature dishes. He says that the uglier it looks, the better it is. Never tried something like this before.

P1200375 (900x675)

Explored the lounge after dinner. Too full to have more drinks, so back to room.

P1200380 (900x675)

Some of my beauty favorites looking good in the beautiful bathroom.

P1200404 (900x675)

Breakfast was served in bed the next day. A form was given to fill in our preferences and was hung at the door last night.

P1200415 (900x675)

Pain au chocolat

P1200416 (900x675)

Last glimpse of the property before I rush off to head to Spain.

P1200417 (900x675)

This estate is truly remarkable and so beautiful. I highly recommend coming here for a different and very memorable French experience.

Les Prés d’Eugénie-Michel Guérard
334 Rue René Vielle, 40320 Eugénie-les-Bains, France


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