burger joint – Dinner

burger joint (yes, without capitals) is a famous burger shop in New York City which I loved since my first bite in 2012. This place in New York was really weird – it’s hidden within Le Parker Meridien hotel and had no sign board. The only clue was a burger shaped neon sign and a super long queue leading to it (this was the more obvious clue). The shop itself was dark, small, windowless and super crowded. The burger was fuss free and so good. It was the only outlet back then, but when I returned in 2014, they already had a second store.

I could not believe it when I knew that it expanded to Singapore too!

P1210486 (900x675)

Like the original shop in New York, this outlet in Singapore chose to be mysterious and low profile too, using a back lane and back door as their main entrance, with that familiar burger shaped neon lights.

With a door like this, most people would not assume that anything’s opened for business since transparent doors or opened doors are usually more welcoming. I guess this isn’t mean to attract passers by walk-in crowd but for people who came with the intention of checking out this place.

Opening the door, you’ll see full length thick velvet red curtains (similar to New York) and another burger shaped neon sign leading to the main area.

P1210488 (900x675)

I’m impressed – this looked exactly like New York!

Basically the only difference is that this outlet seems to have more space than New York – just slightly, and they have a bar within the same premises too. And a bigger difference would be the lack of a long queue. There was no queue at all when I was there at 7+pm.

P1210490 (900x675)

Cheeseburger – $13.80

The burger looked messy, like how it was in New York, but the patty was no where to be seen in this pic! It could have been bigger. Taste wise, I’m not impressed. The one in New York was greasier and juicier. This one was more dry.

Just a disclaimer, burger joint’s concept is essentially fast food. It is not a gourmet burger place, so get your expectations right before coming, even though the price is way higher than typical fast food in Singapore..

Still, I’m glad we have this in Singapore. It brings my favourite New York City closer to me. Now we need to have Dominique Ansel, Luke’s Lobster and Magnolia Bakery (all these are already in Tokyo!) too!

Ambiance: 6.5/10
Food: 6.5/10
Value: 6.5/10
Overall: Not as good as the original shop but it’s fast food after all

burger joint Singapore
115 Amoy Street #01-03 
(Entrance at back on Gemmill Lane)

Tel: 6221 8648

Monday-Wednesday: 11am-11pm

Thursday-Saturday: 11am-12am
Sunday: 11am-10pm

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