Sydney – Quay

Quay is named the best restaurant in Sydney, or even whole of Australia, by many sources. Of course, I had to try.

P1210685 (900x675)

I arrived at 6pm sharp and was the first to be in. It’s cool to do so because I had time for photos!

P1210699 (900x482)

This restaurant is unique because of the prime location, with perfect views of both the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

P1210703 (900x675)

It’s winter so the sky is dark. In the day you would get clearer views but at night everything looks a lot classier and more romantic. There are pros and cons.

For dinner, you can choose between a 4 course menu or a tasting menu. I went with the tasting menu (AU$235).

P1210711 (900x675)


P1210715 (900x675)

Raw hand-dived scallops, mountain kabu turnips, brook trout roe, wasabi flowers

The first course set the standard for the meal.

P1210721 (900x675)

Aged black pig pancetta, walnuts, grains, pickled mushrooms, pepitas, black vinegar laver

P1210725 (900x675)

Uni, koshihikari rice, cured egg yolk, fish maw, ama ebi, umami broth

This is not the sea urchin you normally get. Here it’s served in a different texture. Very unique.

P1210729 (900x675)

Wild blacklip abalone, fermented shiitake chawanmushi, smoked pig jowl, roasted koji, sesame

P1210731 (900x675)

Murray cod, hatsuka radish, young leeks, orach, coastal greens 

It’s simple and fresh but probably the most ordinary dish amongst all. Very much Asian tasting.

P1210735 (900x675)

Oxtail, Black Angus beef, castelfranco radicchio, black garlic

Australia is known for good beef and I’m glad I got to have steak while in Sydney, at least once! And of course this was done perfectly.

P1210743 (675x900)

Snow Egg

P1210745 (900x675)

No description was given so they can surprise you. I love the multi layers of this.

P1210752 (900x675)

Walnut, oloroso caramel, muscovado, dulcey, muscatel, pecan

I love the combination of this. The muscovado ice cream could be a bit too rich initially but when taken in combination with the other items it just works. I don’t fancy walnuts or nougat on their own, but it all worked well together.

As you can tell, the food here is mainly Asian inspired. Modern Australian cuisine has the freedom of doing this and I like contemporary food like this. The portions and number of courses are notably less than what’s served in Europe but this was just enough to stuff me up. Cheese course is optional if you have capacity for it.
Upper Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks, Sydney 2000

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