Sunday Folks – Dessert

Sunday Folks was the reason why I went all the way to the west for dinner. This is only my second time here and that’s less frequent than I would prefer it to be. I wish they would have another shop somewhere east and central so I could have it more often than just once a year!


I love the display of toppings. It beats those regular salad bar looking containers anytime.


The current menu offers the waffles as single or double and  you can choose to have 1 soft serve with 1 topping or 3 toppings. Of course, you can just top up for more if 3 is not enough.

The flavours of ice cream was pretty much the same as a year ago. Previously I had the gula melaka sea salt flavour in a cone so this time I went for something different since, well, I only come here once a year!

I chose the Earl Grey Lavender flavour on a single waffle with 3 toppings, because I wanted to try as much as I could. The waffle was the same sort as Creamier’s. Nothing fancy, but it was adding those toppings on the plate that was the exciting.

I chose to have the sea salt chocolate honeycomb, lavender jelly and passionfruit marshmallow. Waffle orders comes with the strawberries, maple syrup and chocolate hazelnut sauce by default.

The seasalt chocolate honeycomb looked most exciting but I was disappointed to say that it was not good. The texture was nice, crunchy and slightly sticky, but it had a very strong charred taste to it and the bitterness was kind of overwhelming. Half of it was left behind even though I usually finish everything from my dessert plate!

Everything else on my plate was good though and I enjoyed my dessert nonetheless.

Still looking forward to the day when Sunday Folks opens another shop, in the east! Since Creamier has already opened a second outlet, I hope my wait for another Sunday Folks won’t be too long!

For my experience last year: 


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