Sunday Folks – Dessert

I’ve been seeing pictures of the soft serve ice cream from Sunday Folks flooding my social media for the longest time but the location of this shop puts me off. There is barely any reason to go to the west (I mean, it’ll be more logical if I have a few things to do around the area instead of going there just to eat ice cream, right?) but I decided to just be lame and head there just for ice cream, finally.

So glad I did because I really like this shop! It’s a known thing that Sunday Folks is related to Creamier in Toa Payoh but this shop is way nicer, more spacious, and more orderly. The vibe is different.

I love how they display their toppings like this. It looks so pretty, reminding me of Miyahara in Taichung. It was tough to decide which to get.

The menu looks complicated but simplifying it, you can get your soft serve in a cup, cone or on waffles. Each flavour comes with a few toppings, decided by the cafe (but this info is not written on the menu). Additional toppings are $1.50, $1.90 (premium) or $0.50 for sauces.

Waffles are boring (possibly the same as their other shop Creamier?) and the cup, well, is just a cup. The handcrafted cones looked special so I decided to try that!

Other than ice cream, they serve cakes too and standard drinks.

Roasted Pistachio – $7.90

The pistachio flavour was very rich and the texture was smooth and light.

Sea Salt Gula Melaka – $7.90

I’m a sucker for anything Gula Melaka so this was the obvious choice for me. The flavour was strong on first bite but as I continued eating it became subtle and undetectable. Still, it was nice and creamy. Texture is very important for soft serve ice creams. Digressing, the one from Mr Bean needs to improve because its not soft and creamy enough and I felt like it was stuck in my throat with every bite.

The serving is way bigger than typical soft serves (like Honey Creme, Godiva or those in Japan) so you probably can only have 1 at most. The cone was tasty too without being too sweet and the crunchy texture showed how fresh it was.

I shall wish that someday they’ll move/ open another outlet in Katong or somewhere in town so I can have this as often as I wish without making a detour.


Ambiance: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Value: 7.5/10
Overall: Best soft serve ice cream in Singapore


Sunday Folks
44 Jln Merah Saga
Singapore 278116 

Tel: 64799166


Tuesday to Friday : 1.00pm – 10pm (Last order at 9.30 pm)
Saturday & Sunday : 12noon – 10pm (Last order at 9.30pm)
Closed on Mondays


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