Tomiz – Japanese Baking Ingredients & Supplies in Singapore

I have previously done up a post about Baking Ingredients in Singapore and another one about Ingredients for Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) in Singapore, and I’ve had feedback that my listing has been useful to some of you readers. I’m really glad that my information is useful! Today I’m sharing a new discovery.

Every since I started cake lessons at ABC Cooking Singapore, I have been exposed to Japanese cake baking techniques and recipes and while I can use locally common versions of most of the ingredients and equipment for most of it, some of the recipes do include specific ingredients or tools which are not easily found in our local baking supply stores and also not  available in Japanese supermarkets where I gather my wagashi ingredients from.

ABC Cooking Studio Singapore does have a retail section which stocks the uncommon Japanese ingredients and tools used in their cake recipes, but the prices are sometimes more expensive and typically the selection they carry are limited to only ingredients and tools used in the recipes they teach.

For other recipes which calls for other Japanese ingredients, I would need to look elsewhere. While it is possible to order everything I need it online (Amazon Japan, Rakuten etc), sometimes I just want my supplies instantly when I am in the mood for baking.

Today I randomly walked into Isetan supermarket (Isetan Scotts) with the intention of using up my expiring $5 voucher and I discovered that this supermarket has changed quite a bit since I last came here (very long ago)!

They now carry this range of Japanese baking supplies – tools AND ingredients, from the brand Tomiz. Now I would like to disclaim that this has been in Singapore for around 8 months, but I haven’t heard of it prior to discovering it physically. This brand is from Japan.

Usually something like this will sound too good to be true in Singapore and one would expect exorbitant prices, but I was pleasantly surprise to find that the items are priced very reasonably. Some things are even cheaper than Daiso (yes less than $2).

Super cute cookie cutters! These are some of my favourites. Cat, sakura, bread and milk (set of 2). Price ranges from $3+ to $5+. I am still on the fence for these but I think I will get them eventually.

I attended Mont Blanc cake lesson at ABC Cooking in January this year and I loved the cake so much, I wanted to make it again myself.

However, I could not find Mont Blanc tips in Phoon Huat and ABC Cooking’s retail section sold it for rather expensive. I was about to give up and order them online but I just didn’t get down to doing it. Imagine my joy when I found Mont Blanc piping tip for $3.50 only! I bought this today, of course.

They do not have that many piping tips available but the few other piping tips they carry are quite unique, like 3D floral tips of Sakura or Rose ($5.50) for example. It’s definitely not something you can find easily in most local baking shops. I also bought a Sakura flower piping tip.

Other useful tools I noticed was plastic scraper ($2.20) (this is often used in ABC Cooking recipes), mini whisk ($2.50), baking paper pre-cut into shape of pound cake mould and many more.

20180719_135313-01 (900x675)

They have individual tart moulds ($1.00), brioche mould ($1.50), round cake cutters, cake baking pans, paper cake baking moulds and so many things which I would use in my Japanese cake lessons!

It’s just too many things for me to list everything. On to the baking ingredients….

It is easy to find matcha powder in Singapore for matcha flavoured recipes, but this is the first time I’m seeing Houjicha powder ($6.90)! You can also get pickled sakura flowers ($5.80) here, which can be used as an ingredient for decoration (you need to soak off the salt first).

All the Japanese baking ingredients you’ll ever need for either cakes or wagashi can be found here. I’ve updated my post about wagashi ingredients in my Ingredients for Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) in Singapore post, but I’ll briefly mention it here again. Unique ingredients I noted includes Purple Sweet Potato Flakes ($11.90) and Pumpkin Flakes ($9.90) – which can be turned into puree by adding water, Purple Sweet Potato Powder ($9.90) Japanese mugwort powder ($6.90), powdered white bean paste, yuzu citrus peel, freeze dried strawberry powder ($1.90) and many more.

Besides the actual baking ingredients, they do have a good selection of decorative ingredients like dried edible flowers ($2.90 – $3.90), coloured or silver dragée balls (from $1.50), decorative colour chocolate pens ($1.90) (you just need to heat the pen up a bit to melt the coloured chocolate and you can draw on your cookies with it!).


Often used in cake decoration is “snow powder” or non-melting icing sugar. Basically it will not dissolve with moisture like normal icing sugar or matcha would. I know snow powder can be found from baking stores, but often in bigger volume when I only need a little bit. Imagine my surprise to see it here! And they even have a matcha version of this. This would be perfect for Matcha Tiramisu!

They also have a non-melting cocoa powder version too which you can use for normal Tiramisu if you wish to sprinkle on the cocoa powder layer ahead of time. I usually only sprinkle it on when it’s time to serve and that can be kind of troublesome!

20180719_135512-01 (900x675)

Nappage Mix ($4.50)

Also known as “mirror glaze”, this is the transparent glossy layer to finish off tarts to give a shiny look. In ABC Cooking we were taught to use apricot jam mixed with water and sugar in one recipe, and mirror gel in another recipe. I think this nappage powder can work for both.

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Tartlet au citron

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Apple Tart

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Besides all the thing I managed to take pictures of, they still do have a lot of other things. Some things other baking stores will carry too (eg, whisk, baking pan, spatula, sieve, weighing scale, baking paper etc), but if you just want a one stop place to get all your baking supplies and your baking leans towards Japanese style, I definitely recommend Tomiz! The price is really not higher than other leading baking stores in Singapore, which was really a sweet bonus! I’m definitely going to look out for more of their products when I visit Japan again soon.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I happened to discover Tomiz organically while shopping in Isetan Supermarket today!

Tomiz Singapore – 富澤商店 – シンガポール
Isetan Supermarket
Basement 1 Shaw House, 350 Orchard Road
Singapore 238868




4 thoughts on “Tomiz – Japanese Baking Ingredients & Supplies in Singapore

  1. Hey.. I’ve been searching for the non-melting icing sugar and only came across your page. I went to Tomoz and they only sold the flavoured version. Could you recommend me a place to get it? Thanks!!

  2. Can I use snow powder to make Royal icing or cookies? Is it interchangeable with confectioners sugar as long as i am not using it for dusting?

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