Hungry in Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong for 4 days. It was a company trip and the schedule was mostly rigid. Therefore, I didn’t get to explore around much, to try more local delicacies.

Wanton mee in soup is famous in Hong Kong. This one’s from a random 茶餐厅 at Tsim Sha Tsui. Similar茶餐厅are everywhere in Hong Kong. The prices aren’t exactly very cheap. This bowl cost around S$5.

A must try in Hong Kong is the mango desserts at Hui Lau Shan! They have chain outlets everywhere in Hong Kong. I had desserts every single day I was there.

Abalone in shell!


Fish. It looks ugly but it tasted good! Very fresh.

Seafood in Hong Kong is a “must try” too. I had a seafood dinner at Lei Yue Mun which is an area full of live seafood restaurants.

Breakfast at Harbour Grand Hotel, which was the hotel I stayed in for 3 nights. The breakfast variety there was pretty good and most of the food was tasty!

I would recommend this hotel as it’s very modern and grand looking.

These are Taiwanese Mochi, which was VERY delicious! I would want to have more of these.

They were selling them at a store at Ngong Ping Village. I took a cable car ride up, and the view was spectacular. Highly recommended and worth the money!

I had a gala dinner at Le 188˚ Restaurant & Lounge, located on the 41st floor of Habour Grand Hotel.

The menu was fixed with a choice of main course.

Foie Gras terrine with chocolate

The best course for this meal. I like how the foie gras tasted with chocolate shavings.

Mushroom soup

Not the best.

Medium rare striploin

Not very good.

Chocolate lava cake

This was unimpressive too. It was overcooked and there was barely any lava.

The view was pretty.

Food on SQ.

This wraps up my 4 days in Hong Kong. I didn’t take pictures of some of the food, but the more memorable ones are here. I would definitely want to visit Hong Kong again someday!



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