The Line – Buffet Lunch

When you think of buffet in Singapore you’ll definitely think of The Line.

I had 39% off by making my reservation online.

Modern surroundings designed by Adam Tihany and stylish bites from our enthusiastic chefs make this all-day dining restaurant the place to be. International cuisine is featured over 16 culinary stations, while the Bar offers a large selection of premium wines, juices and smoothies.

From my impression, they had:

  • Salad – a variety of leaves, dressings, and premixed salads. They have a wide range of toppings (think along the line of sun dried tomatoes or olives) too.
  • Japanese –soba, sushi and sashimi.
  • Seafood – prawns, crabs, mussels and oysters. On Thursday night, they have better stuff like lobsters.
  • Western – usually some fish or meat, and some vegetables. There will be a roast meat of the day.
  • Soup – there will be western and chinese soup of the day.
  • Italian – pasta and pizza.
  • Chinese cooked dishes –typical cai fan dishes.
  • Chinese dimsum – char siew bao and some others.
  • Local chinese – think char siew, roast pork.
  • Malay – I only remember satay. There should be nasi briyani or mee siam too.
  • Indian – roti prata (not that good), naan, and some other indian bread, with a variety of curries and stews.
  • Crêpe– a lot of ingredients to choose from, to customise the filling inside your crêpe.
  • Cakes and desserts – most of them weren’t good.
  • Ice cream – about 5 flavors to choose from, and a wide range of toppings.
  • Fondue – only one type of chocolate. they have marshmallows, meringues, madelaines and all sorts of fruits for it.
  • Fruits – fresh fruits, which are common fruits in Singapore.

Their selection of salad was pretty wide.

Roast Chicken

The roast of the day changes from day to day. There was once when I went for dinner and they had roast beef (which wasn’t fantastic though).


Chocolate fondue


They were not really good based on my previous visits, so I skipped most of them.

Strawberry shortcake

I couldn’t resist this though, as I like strawberry shortcake.

Crème brûlée

There were cold crab, mussels, cold prawns, and everyone’s favourite OYSTERS at the seafood counter. Everything was very fresh.

Their sashimi was very fresh! They had salmon belly too! it was way better than normal salmon. However, I was disappointed upon not seeing swordfish today. They had swordfish on my previous 2 visits. I think I ate my price worth with just sashimi alone.

Cream of carrot

The soup changes daily. I had lobster bisque once. They also offered another soup, which was like a Chinese soup.

The western cooked dishes weren’t very good.

From the local delicacies counter. I didn’t try these.

The crêpe however, was really good! I love it. You get to choose your own filling, and then proceed to the ice cream counter to top it off with ice cream and toppings.

The tiramisu was kind of lousy. The strawberry shortcake was quite nice. Not the best but I won’t mind having it again. The crème brûlée was good! it was cold inside, like how I want it to be, and the sugar was burnt and crispy outside.


Ambiance: 7.5/10

Variety: 9/10

Food: 9/10 (seafood and sashimi), 7/10 (the rest)

Value: 9/10 (with discount)

Overall: do make your reservation online as it makes no sense to pay the full price while other diners have it at a discounted rate! I would return to have this buffet again, definitely. The sashimi, oysters and some desserts are enough to attract me back.


The Line

22 Orange Grove Road,

Shangri-la Hotel

Tel: (65) 6213 4598


Lunch: Noon – 2.30pm (weekends and holidays until 3pm)

Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm (weekends and holidays from 6pm)

Lunch Buffet:

Monday to Friday: $47 (adult), $24 (child)

Saturday: $50 (adult), $25 (child)

Dinner Buffet:

Daily, except Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays:
$68 (adult), $34 (child)

Tuesday (Crabby Tuesdays):

$68 / $88 (adult), $34 (child)

Wednesday (Get Grilled):

$78 (adult), $34 (child)

Thursday (Marine Harvest):

$88 (adult), $44 (child)

Sunday Brunch:

$78 / $97 (adult)

$42 (child – 6 to 11 years old)


12 thoughts on “The Line – Buffet Lunch

  1. Thanks for the great review! I have never went to The Line before, but I am thinking of visiting within the next week or two.
    May I enquire how do you make an online reservation? Via…?

  2. Dear Hungry Bird,

    I checked the web and it asked me to choose between 15% discount for online reservation or 25% discount buffet reservation. It didnt let me choose both to get the 40%, was this the case with you? Did you simply get the 15% discount on top of the 25% discount for reserving online? I noticed you went there on July, 6 months ago. I hope they didnt change the discount.

      • Thank you for the info. So I guess the best deal is the $49++ on Monday night. I’m not a big eater so I’m still wondering if this is a good deal for me. I just want to eat fresh oyster, a doz or two. Do you mind to direct me where can I get good value fresh oyster? I will be in Singapore on 13-16 Nov.

      • Hi, I usually only have oysters at buffets where it’s free flow. I haven’t actually tried oysters at ala carte places, but since you’re not a heavy eater I suppose a buffet wouldn’t be suitable as it’s unlikely you’ll eat the price worth.

        I’ve heard of Greenwood Fish Bistro at Bukit Timah, which has a promotion for oysters every Tuesday only, where it cost $1 a piece (but you have to order a main course).
        You can check out the details here:
        (on a side note, i would like to warn that Greenwood isn’t located in a very accessible place by public transport, so you need a car or a cab to get there, just letting you know in case you’re unfamiliar with the area! )

        Apparently they do have another newer outlet ( with the same promotion, $1 on tuesday, but located at Serangoon NEX mall (accessible by MRT and bus) which is in the heartlands, so you can try either.

        I haven’t tried it yet personally however, so I can’t comment on how good it is! but value wise, I think that’s one of the lowest rates you can find in Singapore, at restaurants.

    • sorry but i have never heard of such thing before. you can check out their website now though, as there are other attractive discounts this month!

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