Timbre at Old School – Dinner

Timbre is a very popular restaurant/ pub, with a rustic setting (think big pasar malam tent without aircon, in the middle of a jungle with uneven ground), which serves food and drinks. There will be live bands or singers too.

Personally, I don’t get the hype about Timbre. Firstly, the whole rustic idea doesn’t work for me. It looks very budget to me. There was minimal lighting too, which probably saves them a lot of electricity. For the Substation outlet, you can expect leaves falling onto your table. The live bands weren’t impressive at all.

For the outlet at the Art’s House, they do have indoor seating.

However, their pizzas are rather addictive and their drinks aren’t too expensive, especially during their happy hour.

If you wish to dine here, do make a prior reservation as the queue is insane. After all, people stay for drinks so the turnover isn’t fast.

Timbre Platter – $40.00++

Consists of 6 items from tapas menu

– Roasted Tomato With Crab Mayo

– Garlic Prawn

– Deep-fried calamari

– Basil beef with Timbre Garlic Na’an

– Lamb Meatballs with Mint Yoghurt

– Deep-fried seasoned wedges

Under the recommendation of the staff, we took this platter. We had 8 people to share it among so it was ok. However, the quality of the food wasn’t exactly good. everything was forgettable.

Timbre Buffalo Wings – $10.00++

Battered chicken wings, deep-fried & topped with Timbre’s devil sauce.

No pictures of this but we ordered this too. it was quite good.

Louisiana Fries – $7.00

Deep fried straight cut fries, topped with Cajun spiced. Accompanied with Tartar sauce.

Roasted Duck Pizza – $19.00++

Roasted duck breast, sautéed shiitake mushroom with Hoisin sauce, topped with crispy popiah skin & mozzarella cheese.

We ordered this with a promotion – 2 Erdinger Weissbier + 1 Pizza of the day for $38nett. We had to top up to change the pizza. I can’t remember how much, but it was more worth it than getting it all ala carte, as Erdinger cost $12.00++ during Happy Hour and $15.00++ during regular hours.

Sunny Side Up Pizza – $17.00++

Tomato concasse with crispy bacon on side of thin crust pizza topped with mozzarella cheese & 2 over and easy sunny side eggs in the


Smoked Salmon Pizza – $17.00++

Sliced smoked salmon, sliced Spanish onions, sour cream on thin crust pizza topped with baby spinach & mozzarella cheese.

Spicy Cajun Chicken & Basil Pizza – $17.00++

Cajun spiced chicken, basil with tomato concasse on thin crust pizza & mozzarella cheese.


4 pizzas were too much for 8 people! 3 would be just ideal. Amongst all these, only the roasted duck pizza was good. the rest were just normal. I’ve been to all 3 outlets, and the pizza taste consistent throughout. However, I’m pretty sure it is MSG loaded as I got really thirsty after.

Blended strawberry margarita – $12.00++ (Happy Hour), $15.00++ (regular)

I had this and I liked it. I would order it again.

Bulmer’s Original Cider (bottle) – $11.00++ (Happy Hour), $15.00++( Regular)

Sex on the Beach – $10.00++ (Happy Hour), $15.00++ (Regular)

It is obviously more worth it to order your drinks during Happy Hour, even though the discount isn’t massive. For the Old School outlet, Happy Hour was from 6pm – 9pm.


Ambiance: 5/10 (I like lush and serene bars better than rustic hippie sorts.)

Food: 7/10

Drinks: 7.5/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: even though I hate the setting but it still is a good choice for gatherings, as there’s pizza and a wide selection of drinks. However, I may choose to go to Malted Milk at Studio M hotel instead, which supposedly has similar food and drinks.


Timbre @ Old School

11A Mount Sophia #01-05

Singapore 228465


Tel: +65 6338 0800 (Call after 5pm)


6pm – late

Mon – Saturday


Getting there:

By Car:

Parking at Old School


Public transport not recommended as there is a steep flight of stairs to conquer.





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