Spa in Phuket

We had massage almost everyday in Phuket. For the first day, we went to Kim’s Spa in Phuket Town, which has proper spa interior (not like those shady massage parlour) and on the cheap side.

I picked the massage for 700B – 1hour aromatic oil massage and 1hour food & hand reflexology massage. I added a manicure & pedicure for 350B.

I picked the lemongrass oil for my massage.

At least at a proper spa like this, there will be private massage rooms, and not just curtain separators! Privacy is a must for me.

And the ultimate winner is, the bed has a hole for my face! Those without a hole are unacceptable by me.

However, they do not provide lockers at all. Your bags and clothes can be placed under the massage bed.

Foot reflexology was done downstairs. They use reclining arm chairs which are very comfortable. You can almost lie flat down.

My manicure! Love this colour. However, oddly, they don’t apply top coat, so it chipped after the vigorous activities we did the next few days.

On the 3rd day, we had foot massage at Montra Thai Massage in Jungceylon, Patong. Surprisingly, it was only 250B for 60mins of foot massage! I expected the mall price to be more expensive, but that wasn’t the case. Even for random roadside massage shops, foot massage was priced at 250B too.

However, the masseur who did it for me, a male, had rough hands, which of course affected my comfort. But for $10, it would do.

The massage chairs for foot reflexology was reclining arm chairs, which felt very comfortable.

Our bags were put away in lockers near the reception area and we held on to the keys.

They offer fish spa too! 380B for 20min fish spa + 30mins foot massage. My friend tried this! So this cost $16 for that package. That is so much cheaper than the rate you get in Singapore.


On the last day, I had the BEST MASSAGE IN MY WHOLE LIFE at The Raintree Spa! Their prices are higher than the previous 2 shops, but it’s so much better – the ambiance, the skills, the whole experience. I even think that local high end spas can’t compare to the wonderful experience I had at The Raintree Spa.

There’s a 50% promotion for Thai Secret Treatment package which cost 1400B after discount!

It’s a 3 hour package.

Firstly, I had 30mins of herbal steam sauna, which smells of lemongrass. Truly relaxing!

Next, I had a 1hr body scrub with Thai Secret Body Scrub (Thai ancient recipe of body treatment contains tropical herb, tamarind and jasmines rice). The masseur was very meticulous with this, using ample strength to scrub me everywhere. However, I developed some rashes on my forearms and hands. But everywhere else, my skin was super smooth and soft! The scrub didn’t leave me feeling cold and gross (unlike others I’ve had). She used warm water when diluting the scrub on me so the temperature was perfect.

After the scrub, I took a shower in the en suite shower room!

Lastly, I had a 90min massage with lemongrass oil. It was very relaxing! The strength she used was perfect. It’s strong, but didn’t make me feel painful in any way (I hate “massage” where they love to pinch and poke). The momentum was swift and constant throughout! And the spa bed has a hole! The ambiance was great too. Dim candle lights with calming music.

In the same room, there was a locker and a closet for your clothes, which is good, as I somehow feel that lockers placed outside the rooms aren’t as safe. There’s also a huge Jacuzzi tub, which I didn’t get to use as my package didn’t include Jacuzzi.

My friend did Aromatherapy Facial Massage (A healing touch of massage and therapeutic properties of essential oils stimulate blood circulation leave your skin smooth and radiant) for 1000B and Foot & Hand Reflexology for 600B and was swearing by how good the facial massage was. It’s not the regular facial, but they would actually massage your whole face and it was very relaxing.

So for my package, it cost around $56. For such standard in Singapore, it’s probably going to cost around $300!

I highly recommend The Raintree Spa if you’re visiting Phuket.






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