Hungry in Phuket

I went to Phuket for a short 4D3N getaway with my friends! We booked a driver to bring us around on 2 of the days.

When we arrived in Phuket, thanks to having no meals on board we were starving! Our driver brought us to a place he recommended for lunch.

Coconut was 35B

Phad thai with prawns

Stir fried morning glory

Pineapple rice. This one’s really good!

BBQ chicken

The total bill for all these and 3 coconuts was 485B

For dinner, we went to a hill top restaurant in Phuket town called Tunk Ka Café, at Rang Hill. I actually shortlisted this, due to good reviews, and because it’s always nice to have nice scenery while having the meal. The price was on the low side too. Our driver helped us to reserve a table for this as reservations are recommended in order to secure a seat at this popular restaurant.

Due to the rain, the unsheltered seats were wet. If not, it would be lovely to be seated there.

The view from this restaurant was beautiful.

Thai iced tea 35B and iced coffee 65B. Their ice coffee was raved about so I had to try it, at the risk of being not able to sleep!

Fried calamari 130B

Pandan chicken 120B

Steamed rice

Chicken satay. Not quite the same as Singaporean ones.

Tom Yam soup 120B and crab meat & herb “Bai Chaploo” in coconut milk curry 120B (whatever it is) – BOTH WAS GOOD! I emptied my portion.

Total bill was 1060B.

For the 2nd day’s dinner, we settled it at Mali Restaurant, which was a 5 mins walk from our hotel, and it’s owned by the same company thus we got like 10% off. From the name, you can tell it specialises in probably, seafood. It’s more of a western food restaurant, which somehow serves thai food too, and I heard that the lobster bisque’s good.

Mixed grilled seafood

Lobster Bisque 150B – to me, this met expectations, for a $6 lobster bisque.

Fish & chips

Unfortunate me, forgot to consider thouroughly, and ordered thai red curry WHICH WAS TERRIBLE. It tasted like chemicals, and this may have caused my ‘food poisoning’. Basically, from the 3rd day onwards, I’ve been having discomfort EVERY time after I ate something. Like I will be bloated with gas and only by burping it out for a period of time will I feel more normal again. There are 3 suspects. This one, road side banana pancake (delicious though, I had chocolate pancake without bananas), or the disgusting breakfast on my 3rd day. I don’t know.

This is the only roadside food I tried during my 4 days in Phuket. I have a weak stomach and will generally avoid roadside food as I want to enjoy my holiday without frequent visits to the toilet. However, this looked irresistible to me. The pancake skin was like a mixture roti prata and crepe. It’s crispy and best eaten hot.

The terrible breakfast I had on the 3rd day. I didn’t finish this. Maybe left with 80% or what. Because my eggs tasted sweet and blah.

The iced milk tea was to my liking though.


For dinner on the 3rd day, we had Italian food at Capininna. The price was obviously not dirt cheap but cheaper than Singapore standards so ok. They had aircon seating too which is uncommon in Phuket.

Focaccia with mozzeralla and parma ham 250B. This was delicious but it’s TOO HUGE. It’s like 30cm in diameter.

Four cheese pizza 300B

Salad pizza, my favourite! Rucola, cherry tomato, parma ham and parmasen. 350B

The pizzas were huge! This was like, 40cm in diameter!

For our last lunch, we went to Anna’s Phuket restaurant in Phuket Town. The interior is not typical thai rustic style, but more well furnished and it was air conditioned. The prices were steeper than the typical though, but not by a lot.

Thai fish cake 170B – super delicious!

Stir fried calamari with salted eggs 120B

Vegetables -100B

Steamed seabass with lemongrass and chilli – 400B

Overall, this restaurants was not bad, I would visit again.

That wraps up my meals for 4 days in Phuket. I excluded the unmemorable ones, like a meal at the food court. Thai food is generally quite delicious but not for those with weak stomachs. I suffered from some kind of food poisoning towards the end of my trip and felt like throwing up after eating anything.

I bought a box of Mochi Rings from Dunkin’ Donuts at the airport! They’re more expensive, 35B each, at the airport compared to the price of 26B at Jungceylon, Patong. However, since Dunkin’ Donuts in Singapore don’t sell Mochi Rings, I had to get them there regardless of the price hike! They’re my favourite donuts.


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