Galbiati II – Dinner

The first visit was pleasant so here comes the second.

Deep fried scallops with rocket salad – $18.00++

It was one of their daily specials.

Cheese Platter – $16.00++

Among these, the blue cheese actually was not pungent at all, because there were more exotic ones. In fact, I think the blue cheese was the best.

Ravioli – $18.00++

Linguine Vongole – $18.00++

Tagliolini ai Funghi – $18.00++

Parma Ham Pizza – $9.00++

I had the pizza. The pizza crust itself wasn’t outstanding. However, the parma ham was fine. After the cheese platter I sort of regret having pizza because I had enough cheese for the day.

Hazelnut Chocolate – $5.00++

This one was everyone’s favourite and clearly the best cake! The rich chocolatey and hazelnut taste with the crunchy base made it a winner.

Tiramisu – $5.00++

The tiramisu was not bad, but I would prefer it to have more soaked fingers.

Triple Chocolate – $5.00++

On its own this was nice but comparing to the hazelnut chocolate this couldn’t compare.

I must say that their cakes are both pleasing aesthetically and to the palate, which is rare nowadays, with many substandard cakes out there.

I recommend this place for the cakes and lobster bisque!

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