Kanebo Sales 2011 – Promotions

I went to the Kanebo Sales today! It’s still on tomorrow and on Friday.

It’s the second kanebo sales since Kao took over distributorship. The variety was very good. There were many products and the crowd was quite chaotic, especially around the Lunasol counter during the beginning of it. Everyone was vying for the palettes but towards the “end” of my war there, many people put back some palettes they grabbed on impulse.

They had almost all Kanebo brands there. there were some really cheap deals, like $2 for Kate Lip Gloss and $3 for Coffret D’Or lip liner.


Coffret D’Or Lip Make Liner RS-10 ($3), PK-07 ($3) and the holder ($5)

The holder is versatile where I can have 2 lip liners on both ends instead of the brush, so 1 holder can hold 2 liner refills. The manufacturing dates for the refills are in 2008 though.

Coffret D’Or Moist Beauty Rouge RD-186 ($10) and PK-252 ($10)

At $10, these lipsticks are a steal. The colour is more opaque than sheer for this series. Manufacturing date was in 2010.

Coffret D’Or Designing Mascara Base ($8)

This product has been discontinued and is replaced by another base at the counter. I’m not sure how good it is, but it’s price the same as Kate’s at this sale so I bought one to try. The Kate Mascara Base is the best out there. Manufactured in 2010.

Coffret D’Or Beauty C Curve Eyes 04 Peach Beige ($12)

Coffret D’Or Beauty C Curve Eyes 02 Rose Pink ($12)

Coffret D’Or palettes are my second favourite, behind Lunasol. The colour payoff seemed good so I had to get this even though I had no plans to, because it was only $12! The retail price is $54. Manufactured in 2010.

Coffret D’Or Jewelight Nail Colour BU-28 ($5)

I think the retail price for this is $14 or $12. This series has been discontinued though. Manufactured in 2009.

Kate Mascara Base ($8)

The retail price in singapore is about $27. This product is the best and I’ve been through several generations of this product. I’m not sure if this is the 3rd, 4th or 5th version of the base but I hope it’s just as good! Manufactured in 2011.

Lunasol Aurorized Eyes 01 Naunce Variation ($35)

Lunasol Aurorized Eyes 02 Gentle Variation ($35)

The Naunce Variation was the exact palette I aimed to get and you can’t imagine how happy I was to see it on sale. The only palettes from Lunasol were all 5 from the Aurorized Eyes collection. Initially I grabbed all 5, but subsequently eliminated 3 of them. The other 3 colours were lovely, but I decided to exercise self control. The usual price for these amazing palettes are $77. For your information, Lunasol palettes are the best around and for $35, it was a STEAL. If there weren’t any Lunasol Palettes on sale, I probably wouldn’t even turn up.

Lunasol Point Make Off ($10)

The usual price for this bi-phase makeup remover is $18. It’s supposed to remove waterproof makeup. The sale price is relatively cheaper than drugstore brands like L’Oreal and I wish I had gotten more of this! Manufactured in 2010.


Lunasol Eye Essence Kit ($40)

This consists of Eye Essence for Day (10g), Eye Essence for Night (10g), and 2 pairs of eye mask. The retail price is $85 and it’s manufactured in 2010. Eye care products are usually one of the most expensive skincare products in terms of price per amount. In fact, most eye creams in a tiny bottle costs more than a big bottle of moisturiser. So for $40, I think this is a good buy! Moreover, I’m looking for a day eye cream and something hydrating for night (since my night eye product is more for anti anging) so I guess this is good.


Overall, this Kanebo sale is worth the trip! The prices are as low as expected and the variety is good.


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