Rive Gauche Yule Log Cake

Nowadays, it’s rather uncommon to find log cakes looking like a log, in traditional swiss roll form, as most modern pattiseries choose to give a modern look to their log cakes.

As the log cake from Rive Gauche had a traditional yule look, plus the fact that they sell mini sized ones suitable for single consumption, I decided to give it a try. It was my first time trying Rive Gauche despite hearing good things about it for some time.

At $6.50, I find this mini log cake reasonably priced. The decorations were quite a waste however. The macaron added points as I love macarons and the sight of macarons is exciting to me.

This log cake is ganache coated rather than butter cream coated.

Overall, it was good as a chocolate cake and the look of it was Christmas-y enough, but it lacked the crunchy texture within the cake, which I find to be an important factor to distinguish log cakes from normal cakes.

I guess my hunt for a good traditional log cake will have to resume.


Rive Gauche

391 Orchard Road, Basement 2

#B207-9/2 Ngee Ann City

Takashimaya Department Store

Singapore 238873

Tel/Fax: 68874579


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