Les Bouchons Rive Gauche – Dinner

My friends wanted to have steak today so Les Bouchons it was. They have 2 outlets and the one we went to was at Robertson Quay.

At this Parisian bistro, the menu is very limited. Their speciality is their steak frites, which was what we came for today. The décor is very French bistro like with No.14 bistro chairs.

The free bread was nothing to shout about. It was not served warm and the crust was very hard. They didn’t even provide plates and butter knives for us. I didn’t eat more than a mouth of it because I only wanted to have the steak!

As we came in pairs, we had 2 portions of the U.S Grain Fed “XL” Rib Eye ($48.00++) to share. Like the other main courses, it comes with salad and free flow of fries.

Many types of sauces were provided. Do not expect mushroom or black pepper sauce though (Singaporeans tend to seek such). But anyway this isn’t of any importance to me because I do not require sauce with my steak.

The steak was of a huge size and I think it was 450g. It was rather thick, more than the standard 1 inch. It was well grilled, which was a good thing because I had enough of unevenly cooked steak. The flavour of it was alright, but I felt that this beef would be better if there was marbling as the meat away from the fats could be juicier. This portion is good to share among 2, and I feel it is of good value.

The salad was decent and so were the fries. If you’re looking for crispy macdonald like fries, this is not it. But I like how soft and tasty the potato was! I’m a soft-inside-fries person. If it’s crispy outside, that’s a pleasant bonus. I absolutely dislike fries which are hard inside.

Vanilla ice cream with prunes in red wine sauce – $12.00++

What better way to end of the meal than with something sweet? The red wine sauce went pretty well with the creamy vanilla ice cream. I really liked this vanilla ice cream. It wasn’t of the icy sort but the creamy smooth sort. Specks of vanilla beans could be been in the ice cream. I didn’t like the prunes though, as it’s my personal preference not to like prunes.


Ambience: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall: not a bad place for a steak dinner. I won’t mind having it again, if there’s no other place for steak!


Les Bouchons Rive Gauche

41 Robertson Quay,


Singapore Tyler Print Institute


Tel: 6733 4414


Lunch: Noon – 2pm

Dinner: 7pm – 10pm

(Closed on Sun)


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