Jai Thai – Dinner

It was just one of those days with no plan in mind and when dinner time approaches I just felt like dining out. To avoid being indecisive I suggested Thai food, not that I’m craving for it, but it’s easier to decide on what to eat with some sort of objective in mind. Driving through Tanjong Katong Road and East Coast Road, it was clear that this area doesn’t cater to Thai food. There was only one Thai BBQ restaurant, which we didn’t want, and further down, we found Jai Thai. It is located right in front of a bus stop, so it’s quite accessible.

The concept here is like a small eatery with a Thai like furnishing, similar to Aloy Thai at Shaw Tower. The price range is similar too. Wallet Friendly Authentic Thai Cuisine is their slogan and I guess it’s pretty true here.

After scanning through the menu, we decided that it’s easier to have the set meals. It comes with choice of Lime Juice / Ice Lemon Tea / Coffee / Tea / Chinese Tea and dessert of the day. Drinks are upgradable if you top up, which was what we did.

Thai Chendol – upgraded for $2

Iced Lemongrass – upgraded for $1.50

Tom Yum Prawn (Clear Soup) – $9.00+ (medium)

Pineapple Rice Set – $8.80

Pineapple Rice, Thai Spring Roll, Pandan Chicken, Fish with Chilli Sauce, Thai Green Curry Chicken

I like how the set comes with a sampler platter of dishes. Personally I liked the pandan chicken most! The rest were alright too, but I felt that the green curry was too milky.

Olive Rice Set – $8.80++

Mango Salad, Mixed Vegetable, Tofu Green Curry, Fish with Chilli Sauce

I prefer the olive rice but the dishes that come with the pineapple rice!

Dessert of the day – Coconut Jelly

This is like agar agar and I liked it.

Mango Sticky Rice – $4.50

This is my all-time favourite Thai dessert. Initially I thought the mango would be unripe as it smelt sour but I realised it’s just right. The rice could be more sticky but it tastes great.The crispy bits made everything better. I would recommend this.


Jai Thai

205 East Coast Road

Singapore 428904

Tel:     6346 4940


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