Maekhong Thai Cuisine – Dinner

This Thai eatery is hidden at a corner along Tanjong Katong Road, not facing the front road so you are likely to miss it if you are unfamiliar with the area. It wasn’t packed on a Sunday evening so I would reckon that reservations are not necessary.

Tom Yam Soup with Prawns – $10.00

The Tom Yam was very spicy and packed with Tom Yam flavour, so that’s good. I do not like those with the very diluted taste. I also prefer clear Tom Yam to the red version hence we ordered this. My benchmark taste for Tom Yam soup is that of Thai Express’ and this matched up to it. Be warned that it is spicy.

Thai Fish Cake – $12.00++

For fish cakes, $12 is quite overpriced but each of them was quite substantial in size, and the flavour was not bad so I guess it’s still alright. I have tried making Thai Fish Cakes myself too and it’s quite a tedious and messy process. This is not bad, I won’t mind having it again.

Stuffed Chicken Wings – $10.00

This was one of the recommendations as indicated on the menu and they were having a promotion for the month of June, where it cost $10 instead of the usual $14. This was served piping hot and crispy, but I’ll just say I prefer Pandan Chicken to this, where the chicken meat is mixed with stuffing.

Long Bean with Salted Egg

This vegetable dish was also recommended as indicated on the menu. I kind of enjoyed it, just that I would prefer it to be without the salted egg whites.

Pineapple Rice

Not the best pineapple rice around, but still alright.

Red Ruby

The coconut milk taste was quite pleasant. Not my type of dessert still, but I think this was not bad.

Mango Sticky Rice – $6.00

This is my favourite Thai dessert. I simply love mango sticky rice. Flavour wise, it made it, but texture wise, the rice didn’t really stick well. Perhaps they used the wrong sort of rice or something.

The food they serve is typical of Thai eateries. The East Coast area is not really known for Thai food so you won’t really find many such eateries around, as compared to Purvis Street or Golden Mile. The next nearest one should be at Jai Thai at East Coast Road so I shall compare this to that experience.

The food here is generally better, in my opinion. It is served fresh and piping hot and the flavours were good. However, it is pricier and there’s no set or sampling menu, which means you must come as a crowd in order to have a variety of dishes.

Other than the fact that the prices isn’t really on par with other Thai eateries, it’s not too bad a choice. My favourite Thai eatery is still Ah Loy Thai at Shaw Tower but my recent visit there didn’t live up to its past standards. I shall try Nahkon Kitchen next time.


Ambience: 5/10

Food: 7.5/10

Value: 6.5/10

Overall: Not bad but not the best Thai eatery around. A good choice if you’re limited to Thai food among the East Coast area only.


Maekhong Thai Cuisine

266 Tanjong Katong Road


Tel: 6440 7714


11am – 10pm


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